The Batshit Crazy Ventures Foundation has made strategic investments in multiple digital currencies and launched the coindex platform

September 17 04:19 2019

On September 16, 2019, Coindex, a digital currency incubator and decentralized exchange, and Batshit Crazy Ventures, a professional blockchain venture capital fund, announced a strategic cooperation. Batshit Crazy Ventures invested millions of US dollars in coindex by way of capital plus resources, announced the strategic acquisition of ROC, PFC, SEC, OPC and other digital currencies, and established coindex, a big data analysis platform for the digital currency Industry. it is understood that this round of investment will mainly be used for team building, market expansion and blockchain technology iteration.

“The Batshit Crazy Ventures Venture Capital Foundation is an asset management firm focused on blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investments and related advisory Services. the Batshit Crazy Ventures Venture Capital Foundation is focused on finding blockchain startups that have the potential to innovate industry rules and bring about great changes in the industry, and the coindex blockchain project is one of our very promising projects,” said Eric, chief investment officer and Executive Director of the Batshit Crazy Ventures Venture Capital Foundation.

Coindex is an authoritative and professional digital currency industry big data analysis platform, global digital currency incubator and decentralized exchange. The overall development is divided into two stages, the first stage focuses on providing digital currency users with data analysis, data mining services. Provide professional digital currency trend analysis, mining and incubation value digital currency, market analysis and other multi-dimensional, comprehensive analysis services. Coindex has more than 200000 people block chain high-end community,It is committed to creating more “valuable” and “authoritative” data analysis services for digital currency players and media practitioners, providing users with relevant investment channels, jointly promoting the development of digital currency related applications, and establishing a good digital currency ecosphere.

The second phase of Coindex will highlight the development of decentralized exchanges. Digital currency and blockchain technology are booming and growing, and decentralization is becoming more and more popular. With the strengthening of Bitcoin consensus, the transaction amount of the whole crypto-currency market has increased significantly, the transaction volume is rising, and the scale is growing with the entry of various capital.

The essence of blockchain is decentralized, but ironically, today all crypto assets are traded through centralized transactions to Taiwan, these centralized trading platform has been proved to be very low security, vulnerable to hacker attacks or stick to steal, user asset security is facing a serious threat. Especially in the face of such a hard bifurcation of the special blockchain change events, there is no proper way, and in the operation is also accompanied by high policy risk.Decentralized exchanges with absolute safety and low transaction costs are gradually becoming a trend.

One of the core advantages of Coindex’s decentralized trading is that it avoids any assets being trusted, and you have absolute ownership and control over your assets, so the possibility of assets being stolen is extremely low (unless you disclose your private key), which will greatly reduce the cost of user trust in the exchange. From another point of view, imagine that with the application of block chain, we have more and more digital assets at the same time, and need to pay different tokens when using services.In this case, cross-currency transactions are becoming more and more frequent, and the process of realizing this transaction needs to rely on the mechanism of decentralized exchanges. When the application of decentralized transactions is mature enough and widely used, the “barter” trading method will no longer be a problem.

Coindex has unique ideas in blockchain technology and ecology, which can provide integrated solutions for the blockchain community. In the future, Coindex will dig deep into new technologies and directions of digital currency to promote the pace of blockchain innovation. Digital currency incubators and decentralized exchanges will have the potential for rapid development in the future. From an investment point of view, Coindex caters to the needs of people under the transformation of blockchain and has broad market prospects.

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