The First Roadshow of GAMC Global Journey was Held in London Successfully

September 18 16:52 2019

On September 14, 2019, the first roadshow of GAMC Global Journey was successfully held in the UK, which was co-hosted by the GAMC global team, Science Daily, SAFe, Panda International Community, The galaxy, Jiangsu Node Community and other institutions, media and communities. The global journey organizers invited the blockchain industry leaders and capital institution guests from many countries around the world to attend, and this activity attracted dozens of mainstream authoritative media from around the world to attend and report the event.


The CEO Adan and CTO Evgeny also gave speech on Develop A Truly Fair and Interoperable Network and Solve Data Transmission and Security Issues of Blockchain.

CTO Evgeny conceives that quantum blockchain is the final feature of the future of blockchain. The quantum recognition system is based on solid and reliable physical laws to solve the problem of consensus mechanism, which can ensure that each party quantum can safely and accurately verify the identity of the other party quantum. At the same time, since everyone’s “quantum information” is associated with all transactions, the information becomes relatively public and it is difficult to tamper with. It is the fusion technology which combines both super information processing technology and encryption information processing technology.

In addition, Mr. Evgeny also analyzed the deployment scheme of quantum transmission, the operation mode of GAMC quantum contract protocol, the applications of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement in security area for the leaders, guests, blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts.

In the future, GAMC will be applied to thousands of Dapps all over the world, such as games, guessing games and e-sports. Relying on GAMC blockchain 3.0 quantum underlying protocol,  more rich entertainment life will be brought. GAMC will become the most advanced and unique driving engine that focuses on the application of blockchain technology in the gambling entertainment industry in the history of global blockchain. In the future, GAMC will definitely generate infinite market value, and is going to change the game industry. 

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