2Naturelle™ Launches A New Product To Tackle Dry Skin Issues

November 11 06:34 2019
Leading provider of natural beauty solutions, 2Naturelle™, announces the launch of 2ReVive, to help people with eczema other extreme dry skin problems!

2Naturelle™ has again reiterated their goal of improving the lives of their customers with premium quality natural products with the recent launch of 2ReVive. The skincare product is formulated using 100% natural extracts for people that are suffering from itchy, cracked skin caused by eczema, psoriasis or extreme dry skin, allowing them to find an effective, yet safe solution to these issues without having to break the bank.

There are numerous beauty solutions offered by different brands across the globe to help people look young and attractive. Unfortunately, many of these solutions fail to meet the needs of consumers with sensitive skin. With many of such products containing chemicals that can aggravate skin conditions for people with sensitive skin, it has become imperative for more natural and safe solutions to be introduced to the market. This is where Anh Thu Pham and her team at 2Naturelle™ have been looking to make a difference with their wide range of products designed for people with sensitive skin.

The recently launched 2ReVive is a further reiteration of the company’s goal. The natural oil-based moisturizer is formulated to relief users from the discomforts of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. 2Naturelle™ aims to help restore baby soft skin and the freedom to flaunt a vibrant, attractive skin, and live life to the fullest without being subjected to the harmful side effects of corticosteroid creams, immunosuppressant, or oral antihistamines.

Some of the ingredients used in making the easy-to-apply skin rejuvenating oil include vegetable glycerine, lanolin, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and lavender extracts. It also comes fortified with Vitamin E, which is important to skin healing and keep wrinkles at bay.

For more information about 2ReVive and other fantastic skincare solutions from 2Naturelle™, please visit – http://www.2naturelle.com/.

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About 2Naturelle

2Naturelle™ was founded by Anh Thu Pham, a pharmacist with a graduate degree in formulation science who developed skincare products using 100% natural extracts to help restore the quality of life for people with skin afflictions and sensitivities. The environmentally conscious Canadian company manufactures products locally with natural extract oils, which are sourced for the highest quality, incorporating organically grown products into every product wherever possible.

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