No Ops Podcast Is a Platform That Bridges the Gap Between The Black and Brown Communities and Law Enforcement

November 11 20:52 2019
No Ops Podcast Is a Platform That Bridges the Gap Between The Black and Brown Communities and Law Enforcement
Connecting communities is an important aspect of building the nation. One Trauma Specialist and one very respected Police Captain work together to build this figurative bridge that will ensure success

United States of America – Every community needs law enforcement officers, not just to police, but also to maintain peace and decorum. However, the interactions between the police in predominately black and brown communities beg to differ. Are these communities plagued by the foundations of racism and brutality? Or are we missing something deeper which can only be found through honest communication and storytelling?

To help find the cause and strengthen their community, which echoes pain, dis-trust and weariness; Trauma Specialist Nyeesha D. Williams and Co-Host and Police Captain Elijah James Jr, have joined hands in creating “the tiny space” called No Ops Podcast. Alongside of them is Samuel Addo, the photographer who captures the act of bridging the gap with a creative flare.

The podcast creates a safe environment for many conversations. In May for “Mental Health Awareness Month”, they broadcasted men of color speaking on the taboos of mental health, but especially as a police officer. Then there’s the episode when you could hear the emotions filling the room as Elijah James Jr. and Nyeesha D. Williams touch on who they believed were responsible for the disconnection in their hometown. It’s almost as if the hosts of No Ops Podcast pulls the accountability out of each other and their guests! This meeting of the minds mixed with your most comfortable therapy session, has shown to change the trajectory of things.

Based in Rahway, NJ, the podcast has been praised to be highly educative, informative, and interesting, helping to create promote an emotional bond between different people in the community.

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No Ops Podcast deals with the real issues in a smart and creative way, with the aim of getting everyone within the community to pay attention. It’s a platform that is committed to change and to inspire young people into understanding their role in ensuring peace and tranquility in their neighborhoods.

Beyond being a podcast, the platform has now become a symbol of hope and restoration for the community, by opening their eyes to see how much everyone needs each other for the sake of progress.

An essential aspect of No Ops Podcast is their community engagement where they sponsor activities that connect people. This bridging of the gap initiative shuts down the apprehension of law enforcement officers opening up to their neighbors and their neighbors feeling safe around them.

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