Sandberg Financial attends the Cyber-security Leadership Summit in Berlin

November 12 19:50 2019
Sandberg Financial attends the Cyber-security Leadership Summit in Berlin

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world, making cyber-security the hottest issue of mankind. This notion is corroborated by the fact that VCs are almost doubling their investments in cyber-security firms.

As the threats, starting from the reputational harm and destruction of data to identity theft, rise, cost of defending yourself in cyberspace grows vastly and preventive solutions towards this issue become imminent. Major data breach incidents are becoming more frequent making us feel insecure and doubtful. The way we navigate ourselves in this global network, virtual space, directly affects the real life, economy, politics, businesses, and can potentially have dire consequences.

In a time that wealth and assets are so easily moved, bought and sold with such ease, there also comes the danger of fraud in the process. Many of the global companies trying to combat this problem attended the Cyber-security Leadership Summit in Berlin to try and share ideas and speak on the problems they have faced and how they deal with such issues.

A spokesman for Sandberg Financial, Mr. Daniel Fisher, who attended the conference said:

“We take this subject very seriously and we do everything in our power to try and stop such problems occurring for our clients or investors.

“We are confident that with our up-to-date security measures and our extensive experience, we can be in a position to give our clients and investors the confidence that they require to stay with us long-term.”

As we dive further into the digital age, being concerned with the privacy becomes the new norm. Being up-to-date, learning how to protect business assets and the public and to prevent cyber-attacks, serve a common good, avoiding an unsecure future.

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