Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya Hands Over All His NGOs To Upcoming Youth Generation At His Retirement

November 13 18:20 2019
Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya Hands Over All His NGOs To Upcoming Youth Generation At His Retirement
Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya has helped find the right direction for millions of young people. Now that he’s retiring, he’s handing over all of his charity organizations to young people for the continuation

Morrisville, NC – As part of his desire to see a continuation in the efforts to rescue the youth, Parasmal Pukhraj Punmiya, Founder of WikiTalkPedia, BeinghumanGlobal, And Various Organization has handover all businesses and NGOs to Upcoming Youth generation after his Retirement.

This organization have over the years played a significant role in the lives of many young people across the world, especially those looking for the right direction to follow in life.

Through this gesture, Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya is giving away all his big heart and donating his funds to the upcoming generation and helping them to move forward into a better future. His effort will make it even better for young people to fulfill all of their dreams.

Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand punmiya was living with his sons Pawanbai Punmiya and Rampyari Bai Punmiya, after which he later shifted to Mumbai Andheri. He plans to move to Dehuroad Pune.

Moving to Dehuroad was a major decision in the life of this highly respected and revered human being. After he met one of his friends and seeing their condition, he plans to devote his life to Dehuroad and give them a good direction. Here, he will be working to lift people out of poverty and provide them with guidance on food sustenance, health, shelter, security, and other important factors.

He organizes meetings every day in the evening between 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm at Aayush Collection – main bazaar Dehuroad Pune. So, youths living in these areas are hereby encouraged to meet him here and get the opportunity to improve in their lives.

Parasmal Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya is a follower of Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi – since His Father Pukhraj Raichand Punmiya and Gandhi were childhood friends. Perhaps, that is where he got into the lifestyle of non-violence as a supreme religion and way of life.

WikiTalkPedia is a platform dedicated to fighting hunger in the world. Through events and activities, they empower people to achieve goals, find direction, challenge themselves and get the right experience. Their desire is to help find the right path for all of humanity, especially for young people who are still very vulnerable.

For more information, please contact 1-408-37-2576, or visit their website.

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