Microblading is the Newest Great Alternative to Traditional Eyebrow Makeup Solutions

November 18 14:20 2019

Microblading is not a new technique but it’s now perfected.  It’s been performed for many years by plastic surgeons.  The fuller the eyebrow, the more youthful an individual appears, and women are now flocking for this procedure, especially to providers like Canada MedLaser that have perfected the techniques to make it easier and virtually pain-free.  The procedure involves shaping the eyebrows first and then pigmenting them so that the results are well-shaped and well-pigmented eyebrows. 

Unlike applying brow makeup, the results of Microblading are almost permanent

Results of Microblading can last three years or more if the procedure is done carefully.  This eliminates the need to apply eyebrow makeup each day.  It also eliminates the need to worry when exercising, swimming, or engaging in other sports.  Women can easily forget about engaging in sports with intact eyebrows and having them “wash off” by sweat or water.  Microblading makes the eyebrows stay in place no matter what the activity and many women are relieved by this solution. 

Microblading is similar in nature to tattooing, but is a more delicate type of procedure

Even though Microblading resembles tattooing in some techniques such as pigmenting, medical equipment is used unlike that in tattooing.  The brow is first shaped and then color applied.  Skilled cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians are in attendance and guide the procedure every step of the way through technological techniques.  The pigment used, after shaping the brow, is scratched into the skin with what resembles a scalpel.  This scalpel, however, is made up of a series of needles, rather than one larger cutting area.  There are no sutures or actual cutting of the skin required and no downtime for healing.  Tattooing is permanent, and slices deeper into the skin, while Microblading is done more on the upper dermis and is not permanent, although the results are quite long lasting also.  The two techniques, tattooing and Microblading require much different training altogether.  Canada MedLaser has the latest techniques and follows the latest safety qualifications. 

The history of Microblading is not necessarily really known

Although its been around for decades, cosmetic surgeons that perform Microblading are now becoming more prolific as the demand for this has grown exponentially over the years.  A mere five years ago, women could be seen sporting pencil thin eyebrows, which in reality only added to their aging appearances.  Fuller eyebrows now are in vogue for a good reason, and Microblading has skyrocketed as a result.  Techniques are perfected and plastic surgeons such as Canada MedLaser that perform this well are in great demand. 

About Canada MedLaser

Canada MedLaser is a large provider in Toronto of Microblading and other procedures, with clinics across the Ontario region.  Services provided are all performed by trained staff who specialize in each individual procedure, whether it is Microblading, Microdermabrasion, Botox or other aesthetic enhancements.  It’s a family-friendly atmosphere geared to make patients feel relaxed and welcomed.  Patients have a selection of procedures and the goal is comfort and pain-free experiences. 

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