Help Make Dough 1.0 (A Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream) Possible

November 20 13:08 2019
Deliciously Chewy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Tired of the old fashion, dry, overbaked, cookie ice cream sandwich? So are we. After selling a lot of macaron ice cream sandwiches, what did our customers have to say? They simply wanted more options. We got to work and spent months brainstorming on how to make our product even better. Results are in. The chocolate cookie dough ice cream sandwich was born.

Remember those precious moments growing up baking cookies? Let’s face it, cookie dough was and still is the best-tasting part. Even though it’s not safe to eat raw, we’ve all eaten it before. That’s why we decided not only to make the dough safe to eat but take it to the next level and turn it into an ice cream sandwich.

Yes, we all had ice cream before and yes we all had cookie dough in one way, shape, or form. But to have the best of both worlds? That’s exciting!

Our goal is to make the best tasting ice cream sandwiches on the market. 

Just kidding. No secret here. Just the usual ingredients made deliciously safe to eat.


We slow churn our vanilla milk ice cream base for 10 minutes to ensure that our ice cream consistently comes out with just the right amount of creaminess. After that, it’s straight into our blast freezer.

Every ice cream sandwich is made with love, passion and the most premium ingredients on earth. PLUS these great attributes:

  • Ready to eat anytime. Indoors or outdoors. Sweet chewiness when you need it. 
  • Individually packaged making this treat a great party favor.

It’s like a perfect marriage. Share it with your family. Share it with your loved ones. Share it with your friends. And share it with your neighbors. Sharing is caring.

THE PROBLEM: We love cookie dough and we love ice cream. How come no one is making them go hand and hand? If you want a good cookie dough ice cream sandwich, you have to make it yourself. We’ve tried searching for it all over the place and it just doesn’t exist. 

THE SOLUTION: Use the finest ingredients that are all-natural. Make the most awesome tasting cookie dough and combine it with our signature vanilla ice cream. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

We don’t just have an idea and a dream, we have a facility that we built from the ground up and it’s ready to go. All the sweat and tears over the years have led us to this moment. With your support, we can begin production immediately and start creating more smiles all over the world.

We will notify all of our supporters during this journey with any updates from now until the time that the products ship out. Transparency is one of our core values and it’s our duty to share it with our supporters. 

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  • November
  • Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches doing well and sold nationwide
  • Begin market research to create the next best frozen dessert. 


  • March
  • Rediscovered a lost childhood love for cookie dough. 
  • Cookie dough idea is born. Version 0.1 is created.
  • May
  • Version 0.7 is created with help of a 20 year old family recipe.
  • Finalize ingredients and suppliers.
  • August
  • Samples given out to the public for feedback.
  • Recipe finalized. Dough 1.0 is ready. 
  • September
  • Partnered with East Coast fulfillment center. 
  • October
  • Kickstarter Video Shoot 
  • November
  • Kickstarter Launch
  • December
  • End Kickstarter Campaign
  • Order raw materials
  • Fulfill Kickstarter orders.
  • January
  • Ship products to fulfillment center in East Coast.
  • Notify all supporters exact delivery date.
  •  Ship all orders.


In 2014 my sister and I started a company out of our parent’s garage. We wanted to create something we loved that wasn’t available where we lived. After realizing that there was a lack of innovative frozen desserts, we saw the opportunity to bring something refreshing to our hometown. We love macarons and we love ice cream so we decided to marry the two together. With no funding and no knowledge, my sister and I started making ice cream and baking macarons in our parents’ garage. After months of trial and error, we had perfected our recipe. On our launch day, we sold out in just 4 hours. I’m proud to say that our venture succeeded, and our macaron ice cream sandwiches are now being sold all over the US in restaurants and grocery stores.

Now we are on a mission to create the next best thing.

Thank you!
– Gwen

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