Vancouver’s Epic Cycle Continues to Dominate the E-Bicycle Online Market

November 20 14:26 2019
Ordering industry-leading e-bikes are easier than ever

Increasing overpopulation of Canada’s largest cities, including Vancouver, has led to severe traffic jams, longer commutes, and insufficient parking spaces. In addition, public transit is expensive and often does not evolve at the necessary pace to keep up with the influx of citizens moving to the city. It often takes a very long time to commute and is often very crowded. This has led Vancouverites to search for economical, safe, and well as environmentally-conscious substitutes. Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are leading this alternative form of transportation. Vancouver’s Epic Cycle’s online e-bike store continues to lead the industry.

Industry-Leading Innovation

As a company, Epic Cycle is dedicated to innovation. Creating quality e-bikes knows no bounds; they have developed faster charging times and speeds. They continue striving to consistently improve themselves and also to invest in improving their production and design. The end goal always remains bringing the consumer the industry’s best innovations and safety features.

Epic Cycle’s Available Products

Epic Cycle’s Magnum e-bikes continue to lead in industry-standards. Models include the Peak, perfect for climbing great altitudes, such as the mountains surrounding Vancouver; the Cruiser, the Metro, and Low-rider, all best suited for urban riding and commuting, allowing one to bypass morning and afternoon Vancouver traffic and the Low Step and High Step, both perfect for getting around the city quickly. Finally, the Sur-Ron X is a highly-engineered dirt e-bike, perfect for high performance in areas, such as the mountains of Whistler, a short distance from downtown Vancouver.

For those who want the convenience of an e-bike, but are not ready for the investment, Epic Cycle offers the Electric Bike Kit. This innovative product allows users to change their regular bike into an e-bike. On the whole, conversion kits are much more affordable than buying a new bike. In addition, many people are attached to their old bike, or only have storage space for one.

While at Epic Cycle the focus is on e-bikes, however, e-scooters are available as well.

E-Bike Facts

At Epic Cycle, Magnum e-bikes can travel at speeds of 20-28 mph. Most Magnum models can be charged in as little as 4.5-6.5 hours.

An advantage of e-bikes is their simplicity; their maintenance and use is similar to regular bikes. Once fully charged, Epic Cycle’s e-bikes can run from 20 to a maximum of 60 mph, perfect for cycling along Vancouver’s seashore, in famed Stanley Park.

Ordering is Easier than Ever

Ordering a custom e-bike is easier than ever from this electric bike store in Vancouver. The online catalogue lists the various available models, perfect for your varied needs.

About Epic Cycle

Epic Cycle continues to be the foremost online electric bike store in Vancouver. Focusing on producing industry-leading electric e-bikes and e-scooters, their products are convenient, affordable, and most importantly, fun. Clients can easily get to their destination in a fun way, while at the same time minimizing their impact on the environment. As their motto states: “Expect to feel good while riding our bikes.”

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