UpService.Site Assists Webmasters in Monitoring Site Uptime

November 20 14:38 2019
In general, webmasters are tasked to maintain websites on the world wide web. Webmasters do more than just write the codes that create the websites. Webmasters oversee many of the technical aspects of the construction and maintenance of websites. This includes ensuring hardware and software systems are operating as they should.

Aside from building websites, webmasters also do quality checks like A/B testing, examine traffic flow, or take corrective actions like repairing broken links. They can also be involved in the marketing end of website management by ensuring the correct placement of web content and that fulfillment mechanism – such that in eCommerce sites – are in good working order. Other responsibilities include setting up site navigation, responding to user queries, and managing access rights to the website’s programming structure.

One of the most important jobs webmasters have is making sure that the website they manage is online and accessible on the internet all the time. This activity is called uptime monitoring and it is easy to imagine how it can be a very tedious and time-consuming task. System downtimes – even ones that only lasts minutes – can potentially spell huge loses for clients and so webmasters always need to be on the alert for downtimes so they can start fixing problems as soon as they arise.

Ensuring a website’s reliability is round-the-clock work that’s why webmasters rely on third-party uptime monitoring services. And when it comes to uptime monitoring service providers, most webmasters rely on UpService.Site.

UpService.Site is a leading provider of advance uptime monitoring solutions. UpService.Site can provide all the uptime monitoring needs of webmasters, digital architects, developers and website owners alike. UpService.Site does this with its full-featured monitoring technologies.

First, UpService.Site can execute multiple types of uptime tests. It uses traditional ping tests, checks heartbeat, and measure time-to-load data for any sluggishness. It can perform traceroutes to follow the network connections leading to the web host and check the DNS translation services for the monitored site. It can perform tests through multiple ports regardless if the site’s transmission protocol is unsecured or secured. Best of all is that UpService.Site performs these barrage of tests from multiple locations around the world to cross-verify a site’s uptime status. It can perform all these tests at a frequency determined by the preferences of the client, anywhere between every hour to every few seconds.

UpService.Site’s system can crunch all the monitoring data and able to present the data in a very clear and useful statistical report. The report can present uptime, downtime, response time trends, and other test results. UpService.Site can also supply webmasters with the raw data for their own analysis as well as for faster reporting. UpService.Site understands the importance of providing webmasters a sleigh of test results. The large amount of data gives webmasters more things to work with when they have to figure out what’s causing a web service outage.

The most sought-after feature of UpService.Site is its notification service. UpService.Site can send notification as soon as prescribed network and server tests are completed. This can be as frequent as several times a minute, depending again on client preferences. Test results and reports can be sent either through email or SMS notification. UpService.Site’s services can also be integrated with very popular productivity and work collaboration apps so stats can be shared with a monitoring team. Of course, all data can be manually retrieved through the member’s services section of UpService.Site’s website.

Current web hosting services guarantee at least 99 percent uptime service rate. This means that in a given period there’s a 1% chance of downtime. That doesn’t sound much especially if that 1% is just a combined figure of micro-events spread across a long period. But it could also happen that 1% can happen at one time. This translates to several hours long in a monthly period and that’s too long of a time for a web service to be out. These are the events that webmasters are wary of and the reason why they opt for UpService.Site services. UpService.Site offers moment by moment surveillance, 24 hours a day, all days of the year. This is a feat impossible for humans to perform.

In summary, UpService.Site provides invaluable assistance for webmasters, assistance that makes possible their web management roles. For more information on UpService.Site’s thorough and reliable service, feel free to email them at [email protected]. Visit their website for a full list of products and services.

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