How Trucking Companies in Ontario Stay Ahead of the Online Shopping Craze

November 21 14:22 2019

Although trade is growing with all parts of the world, the US remains the top trader for Canada with an overall trade value of $741.4 billion, meaning it continues to be a busy time for trucking companies that are delivering products across the border. This is no different for trucking companies in Ontario, who will also be aware of huge developments in online shopping and the greater reliance on goods being delivered to people at their homes or businesses.

With nearly half of Canadians buying goods from foreign sites, it promises to be a rich source of demand for the services of trucking companies. Factors such as drop shipping, more ‘influencers’ selling goods via Facebook and Instagram, the choice of renting goods within the fashion industry rather than permanently buying, and Amazon’s constant growth into new areas of commerce, have driven many of these booming trends in e-commerce.

How trucking companies need to personalize their service

“With diversity in the types of goods being transported, it is essential that trucking companies offer a diverse service,” says a spokesperson for RoadLINX, one of the leading trucking companies in Ontario. “This is why we employ a multispecialty team that includes freight brokers, who work with customers to match them with the most suitable shipping option for their needs.

“These options include specialty containers, expedited services and state-of-the-art tracking technology, to ensure customers receive security alongside bespoke transport conditions for whatever goods are being transported.”

For trucking companies in Ontario, the challenge is how to maintain an in-truck temperature on the road that doesn’t negatively affect the products being delivered. This is particularly an issue as winter approaches, with plunging temperatures combining with hazardous driving conditions to make the cold weather a force to be reckoned with.

At RoadLINX, temperature-controlled trucks use advanced technology such as a compressor, condenser and evaporator to maintain a stable temperature inside the container, which keeps goods protected from the outside environment. Extra safety is provided by RoadLINX’s approach to its driver deployment, with a one-day shipping service between the US and Canada available by providing two drivers in the same vehicle, allowing them to swap partway through the journey. This is especially welcome as current attention is turned to the mental health wellbeing of truck drivers.

Meeting the increased demands on trucking companies

For trucking companies in Ontario, it looks set to continue being a busy time. Market growth continues across the trucking industry in Canada with revenues hitting $30 billion in 2019. However, with the extra competition in the market, criticism has been levelled at less scrupulous companies who try to circumnavigate regulations for further gain. 

RoadLINX offer a number of additional services such as secure on-site storage, which has 24/7 access and camera surveillance, to provide valuable extra space for temporarily stashing large amounts of goods. The company also offers special rates for shipments to trade shows.

With online shopping proving to be such a fast-moving industry with a never-ending series of innovations and expectations, trucking companies in Ontario need be in responsive shape to ensure they are providing the flexibility and immediacy that the market now expects.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is a trucking company in Toronto, Ontario, that offers trucking services across Canada and the US border, as well as intermodal shipping. They have a range of transport options such as cooled, heated and flatbed containers, and smaller containers for lower-scale shipping.  

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