Path Of Exile 3.9.0 Conquerors Of The Atlas Guide For Atlas Mechanics & Metamorph League

November 22 16:10 2019
Path Of Exile 3.9.0 Conquerors Of The Atlas Guide For Atlas Mechanics & Metamorph League

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The developer Grinding Gear Games released a series of announcements at ExileCon, which held from November 16 to 17, and caused a sensation among Path of Exile fans. Beyond the previously highlighted POE 4.0 expansion announcement, more new content is revealed throughout the conference and made sure that there will various tests and updates in the following year.

All the waits finally had a result, Grinding Gear Games announced part of POE’s future plans at ExileCon, mainly surrounding with POE 3.9 expansion on November 16. however, it is unexpected that GGG also revealed some of the details of POE 2 and POE Mobile.

In the past two days, the search result of keywords related POE on major websites has transformed into POE 2 release, POE Mobile Currency, etc. In a flash, the long-awaited release of POE 3.9 did not seem to become so important as expected.

Although GGG has indicated that POE 2 or Mobile will not launch in a short period of time, and it will keep releasing no less than three expansions for the current POE before that, most of the players still think that POE 2 will make more new and stimulating content than POE 3.9.

POE 3.9, named Conquerors of the Atlas by GGG, is set to release on December 13, which was originally thought as a return or flashback design for POE, as one of the last one of POE 3.X expansions in order to make a perfect end for it. Similar to other expansions, it is also added something new, such as the new gem, league challenges and divination card.

The difference is that GGG also added an extra league challenge for POE 3.9, Metamorph, not POE 4.0.0 announcement, which has not been seen in other versions of POE. It mainly told a story surrounding a new NPC, Tane Octavius.

On Sunday afternoon, ExileCon ended in that tie23he won the first prize of the epic Race Finale, and everything seems to be gradually calming down, but it is not.

Obviously, the most important one of GGG’s announcement at ExileCon is Path of Exile 2 release, which is also what the players are most expected. Surely, it is a sequel of current POE, not a simple expansion, that being said, it will add new storyline without changing the current plot, and it is not a completely separate game or version, put it simply, this is just an update.

Anyway, this does not affect the way fans play the game, there is a fixed pattern to form in the old version, killing monsters, looting enemies, leveling up, etc.

It must be acknowledged that every appearance of the director Chris Wilson would bring some expected surprises, and it is no exception this time through changing the gameplay. Take it for example, the exiles can only loot the in-game items dropping from the monsters like Exalted Orbs, but it must be easier with Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas, featuring new endgame bosses, OP-looking support gems, the major overhaul of the map mechanics. From the overall scale, this is probably the most significant update in the history of POE.

On the other hand, the very important feature of POE 2 is the correction and adjustment, mainly in the skill system. It will fix many problems in the current POE, such as the combat system, image clarity. After playing the trailer of POE 2 several times, it is adjusted in almost all aspects than the original to make the game easier.

It is still set in Wraeclast 20 years after the current campaign in POE 2 unlike the past versions where players fought in a world full of conspiracy and evil, and there was no end of the world.

Oh, skills? There is a complete set of skill systems in Path of Exile, each with a skill gem, they are individual items that can be plundered and traded, and the exiles can get them via completing quests. After updating, the skill system will be more complicated, equipped with the characters to complete these challenges more smoothly.

Currently, take it easy. This are just some announcements from GGG at ExileCon, and the rest of content will be released for a long time in the future, for exiles, this is a process that requires long-term persistence.

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Now, POE Blight is still available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and POE 3.9 Conquerors of the Atlas will launch online after less than a month.

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