Need for Lawyers in North York at an all Time High

November 22 19:46 2019

The Toronto Area and its member communities have seen considerable growth in the last twenty years and North York is no exception. With that increase in population comes more people and, unfortunately, more disputes. This has resulted in high demand for law firms in North York, like those at the Lichtblau Law Office, who can resolve these issues and keep society functioning well, despite the many issues that create a need for a courtroom.

Family Law

One of the most needed fields of the law today is family law and with that the need for family lawyers. This is an expansive field that does more than just cover divorce, although this has seen steady use since the nineteen-eighties as about forty-two percent of marriages end in divorce after fourteen years.

Family law also covers other issues, like separation agreements, child support, child custody, and property division which only shows just how great a need there is for a North York Family Lawyer.

Estate Planning

It’s the truth that everyone has to face someday, and that’s mortality! Everyone has to eventually make sure that their loved ones are taken care of should they pass on. This is something that requires more than a note and lawyers are there to make sure that wills are done properly and estate planning is handled by professionals.

Wills and estates can become a more complex issue than most people realize. If people were to challenge a will, then one done without a lawyer can result in the will being invalidated. Having a lawyer to ensure that everything is by the letter is important to people these days so that people have the peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of properly after they pass away.

Real Estate

Yes, real estate is not just a simple transaction between two people and everyone wants to ensure that a purchase or sale of any form of real estate goes off without a hitch. Not having a lawyer involved in such a transaction can open up issues in the long term if there’s any question of the legitimacy of a contract.

Corporate and Business Law

Both small and large businesses have legal obligations across many fields of interest and attempting to navigate them without a lawyer would be ill-advised. Places like North York are burgeoning with new and old business and people are constantly in need of lawyers in this field to ensure their future success.

It’s clear that North York is expanding in many ways and that means that the law is going to be involved at some time or another. It’s for these reasons that lawyers are in such great need today.

About Lichtblau Law Office

The Lichtblau Law Office was founded more than twenty years ago in North York, Ontario. This experienced business is committed to ensuring that its clients are well represented. They specialize in the fields of corporate and business law, family law, estate planning, and real estate. Lichtblau Law Office recognizes the unique needs of its clients by offering tailored solutions to their cases.

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