Thai companies set a new record at AFM with over $66m in international deals

November 26 00:00 2019
Thai companies set a new record at AFM with over $66m in international deals

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, announced the results of the representation of Thailand by eight Thai companies at the American Film Market 2019 in Santa Monica from 6th to 13th November.

With over 312 meetings conducted, estimated revenue to the value of US$66m was recorded. 

While some reports indicated that international business at AFM was weaker than in previous years, Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce was pleased that Thai companies had performed well.

“This year, Thai companies brought a particularly strong selection of content and services to the American Film Market. There were many fresh titles launched, which have strong audience appeal. With the continuous support of the DITP at international markets, Thai content producers and distributors have made enormous progress in understanding the needs of the international market, and have built up a reputation of providing high quality content that can cross cultural borders.”

The DITP identified 6 key areas where Thai companies have built up exceptional skills and talent.

  1. Action films

  2. Horror films

  3. Animated content

  4. Drama features

  5. Television series

  6. Production Services

Thai feature films attract theatrical audiences across the ASEAN region. New OTT platforms have the potential to bring Thai content to a wider audience.

Amongst the OTT platforms which conducted meetings at AFM were:

NETFLIX, which has licensed a large number of Thai films and series for both domestic and international audiences. Thailand has also become a popular location for Netflix production. Netflix recently launched its first original local series ‘Stranded’, with a number of other local projects in development.

STAR INDIA, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company India, with over 148 million viewers worldwide. At AFM, Star India negotiated licensing deals for a number of Thai films.

The popularity of Thai films and series has attracted the interest of major Chinese OTT platforms including YOUKU and IQIYI.

IQIYI plans to launch a service in South-East Asia including Thailand next year. Chinese platform TENCENT recently launched its own service in Thailand under the name WeTV. 

The emergence of the international OTT platforms, brings a new market for Thai productions, commissions local productions, and also expands the audience for Thai content. 

Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce concluded, “The American Film Market remains an important venue for Creative Thailand to promote its content and services, and fulfil its potential as a provider of quality productions to an international audience. Through foreign investment, international licensing, and co-production, the entertainment industry will strengthen as a valuable contributor to the Thai economy.”

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