Motus Wins Highly Coveted Award as The Most Innovative Lifestyle PR Company of The Year.

February 26 19:44 2020
Motus PR and Social Media is a media strategy company in the UK that has redefined the way brands engage with their markets. They have helped their clients create the most goodwill and cult-like followership among customers through their outside-the-box, high precision and technology, and data-driven approach to doing PR.

The company, for their ingenuity, has won the highly coveted UK Innovation Award. The unique lifestyle PR agency has been named as the most innovative lifestyle pr company in the United Kingdom. This award comes as a recognition of the unique approach the company takes to get results for their clients and the way they do business.

Motus PR and Social Media company was founded by Josh Counsell, a highly visionary and experienced PR professional. His passion for change inducing communication has guided the establishment and the running of the company over the years. They have engaged with companies in the UK and around the world. Their success rate is high, having launched several highly successful and award-winning campaigns in the UK and around the world. The company is referred to as the go-to lifestyle pr agency in the UK, and they have the results to match. Motus has now won one of the most coveted awards in the UK PR industry. They have been named the most innovative lifestyle pr company in the United Kingdom.

The founder and chief executive officer of the company, Josh Counsell, while speaking to pressmen after the award ceremony, expressed his delight and the immense pride he felt on receiving the award. He said, “This is not just a win for me and for every member of staff in the company, but also a win for our clients. We cannot be successful without them because, in actual fact, they are our success. I also feel immensely proud and happy that the hard work put in by our highly experienced staff has been recognized.” He further said, “Our clients have always known that we leave our hearts in our work. We don’t go to sleep until we get them the kind of results they want. This is, perhaps, what is responsible for our success.”

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While the CEO was asked about the prospect of the company taking on new clients considering their tight schedule, Josh said, “Our work is not just about getting a to-do list out and ticking the ones we have done. Our work is dynamic, and that is why, of the many lifestyle pr companies in the UK, the way we work stands out. We can always take on new challenges and provide new services. This is because we know how to leverage technology well. We have also developed a unique strategy and framework that enables us to get the best results for our clients in record time and on budget.”

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