Covington Employment And Personal Injury Attorneys – Experienced Lawyers For Justice And Compensation

May 22 16:48 2020
Covington Employment And Personal Injury Attorneys - Experienced Lawyers For Justice And Compensation
Since 2007, Roush & Stilz, P.S.C has been helping clients get justice in personal injury and employment-related cases. The law firm offers its services on a contingency basis. It also handles family law and criminal defense cases.

According to announcements released by Roush & Stilz, P.S.C, the law firm employs experienced Covington employment and personal injury attorneys who represent clients across diverse industries and help them get justice and the compensation they deserve.

According to sources, the law firm’s understanding of state and federal laws that govern employment in Kentucky and Ohio enables it to approach each case such that the client has the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome. It has successfully represented clients in cases involving discrimination at the workplace, harassment, job loss due to reasons other than misconduct, retaliation, etc. Employees who are fighting against unpaid wages and overtime that has not been taken into account can contact Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. Some employees may qualify for protection as whistleblowers; this law firm assists such employees. This respected personal injury law firm offers to represent individuals injured in vehicle collisions, assault and battery, product liability, and other scenarios where personal injury law is applicable. Compensation is a vital component of such cases, and this law firm knows how to build a case that gives its clients the best chance at appropriate compensation for injuries, medical expenses, loss of employment, emotional trauma, and other tangible plus intangible costs borne by the victim.

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Roush & Stilz, P.S.C said, “Founded in 2007 by attorneys Kash Stilz and Pete Roush, Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. is dedicated to the proposition that there is no higher calling than fighting for the rights of individuals. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in all state courts in Ohio and Kentucky and the federal courts, including the district courts in the Southern District of Ohio and the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. The fee we charge depends on the type of case you have. We typically charge contingency fees for injury, civil rights, employment, and workers’ compensation cases. A contingency fee is only paid by our clients when we recover money for the damages they have suffered. If we are unable to recover any money, we do not charge an attorney’s fee. We cannot charge contingency fees in criminal defense or family law cases. We do work with our clients to make the payment process as easy as possible by offering a variety of fee options, including hourly fees with agreed-upon retainers and flat fees. A “retainer” is an amount of money paid upfront by the client that we keep in a special bank account and work off as the case progresses.”

Roush & Stilz, P.S.C is committed to ensuring justice and liberty for those on the right side of the law. The newly redesigned website is easy to navigate and facilitates access to the right information.

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