Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach Makes the Case on Why Now Is the Time for Residents of Myrtle Beach to Switch to Solar Power

June 15 19:32 2020
Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach Makes the Case on Why Now Is the Time for Residents of Myrtle Beach to Switch to Solar Power
Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach has recently been sharing helpful information with the residents of Myrtle Beach on why they should be switching to solar energy.

Myrtle Beach, SC – Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach, a company offering solar power solutions in Myrtle Beach, has been busy making a case for sustainable energy solutions to the residents of Myrtle Beach. The company is doing this with the hope that more residents and companies alike will be able to reap the benefits of solar power.

The company, which has been the best solar company in Myrtle Beach for some time now, says that now is the time for residents to switch to solar power solutions because tax incentives will be decreasing next year (2021). They go on to explain that tax credits cover more than half the cost of solar power in South Carolina with a twenty-six percent federal tax credit and twenty-five percent South Carolina tax credit and extra rebates from Santee Cooper. They urge locals to take advantage of these credits.

They also say that by switching to solar power, residents of Myrtle Beach could potentially end up reducing energy bills by up to a massive ninety-five percent margin. They say that that comes from how affordable solar energy is combined with the alarming rate at which the cost of electricity is rising.

The solar experts at Sustainable Energy Myrtle Beach also give residents a twenty-five-year performance guarantee and system warranty.  They encourage businesses and homeowners to ask about solar backup battery options when they come out to deliver a free satellite report and solar savings analysis. These added factors are what should convince residents that they are the best solar energy company in Myrtle Beach.

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About the Company

Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach is a solar power company that is dedicated to providing alternative, eco-friendly energy solutions to the people of Myrtle Beach. Their passion and willingness to support the environment is second to none, and that is what makes them good at what they do. For more information, contact them today.

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