Youssef Moro is a calisthenics athlete and a multiple international award winner bringing fame to the home country of Morocco

June 15 20:19 2020
A calisthenics athlete to have competed and won many times on an international level, Youssef Moro has motivated and inspired a lot of people with his achievements. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts tutorial videos on fitness and bodybuilding.

Morocco – Youssef Moro is a Morocco-born calisthenics athlete, who has inspired a lot of young people in Arab through his accomplishments. He was born on 26-05-1998 and started doing calisthenics in 2014. Calisthenics is a type of exercise that focuses on building muscles in rhythm with minimal equipment, the exercise makes one flexible and stronger through the movements like pulling, pushing, running, bending and jumping.

Youssef Moro has brought honour and fame to his country of Morocco after winning several international awards. He was number one in a competition in Bahrain. He stood at the second position in a Dubai competition of ‘King Of Bars’. Then, in Colombia, he again won first place in WSWCF. Youssef also represented Morocco in Russia twice, where he again won awards because of his amazing performance. Youssef Moro is the only Moroccan/Arab athlete who has won international awards, no other athlete in Arab matches his calibre.

The Bahrain competition was conducted in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and the participants came from Spain, Bulgaria, Bahrain and Morocco, out of which Youssef Moro was victorious. He received an award for his unmatchable performance in the competition.

He also wants to inspire people to work on themselves and achieve the success that they want to. That’s why he has a YouTube channel where he posts tutorial videos on calisthenics workout so that other people may gain value out of his experience and successful career. His YouTube channel workouts and techniques have helped many people to achieve the results that they wanted. His Instagram following is also growing daily, as he keeps inspiring people to do their best in their lives.

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