Amazon Bestselling author Kyle Ferguson is getting ready to launch another impactful book titled “Compassion Is Not a Crime: The Anita Krajnc Trial”

June 15 20:21 2020
Kyle Ferguson employs his literary skills and penmanship to urge his readers to be compassionate to animals, and the planet, by adopting a vegan diet.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Kyle Ferguson is a human and civil rights activist, public speaker, and a bestselling author of “The Christian Bubble”. He is dedicated to making the world a better place to live by spreading love, compassion, gratitude, and knowledge via books, actions, and media. Recently, he has announced the release of his new book “Compassion Is Not a Crime: The Anita Krajnc Trial”.

This is a true story about courage, leadership, love, light, and compassion.

On a hot summer day in 2015, Anita Krajnc performed an act of compassion for which she was arrested and faced up to ten years in prison: she gave a bit of water to thirsty, overheated pigs that were being transported in a dirty, crowded truck to be slaughtered.

As the plot emerges, the author describes Anita’s trial, and the shocking truth about the greed, horrific violence, and corruption hidden inside of the animal agriculture industry. Kyle expresses his grave concern for the lives of countless livestock that are being tortured and killed to satisfy the sensory pleasure of human beings.

He takes this opportunity to educate his readers regarding the importance of substituting dead animal flesh and secretions with a vegan diet. In the words of Kyle: “It is healthier and better for the planet to consume a vegan diet. Expand your knowledge and compassion and grab your copy of Compassion Is Not a Crime today!”

Anita Krajnc’s trial is bright evidence of the strength of compassion and love over hatred and violence. Anita has been through tremendous adversity, yet she made a conscious choice to uphold her values and not yield in front of tyranny.

Reading this book instills a sense of responsibility in the hearts of readers to exude courage in the face of oppression. It also allows for people to reflect on their lifestyle and personal choices; to bring about the changes that are necessary, to make this world a better place. “Compassion Is Not a Crime: The Anita Krajnc Trial” is available for pre-order and will be launched on Amazon on June 22.

There is no time to waste! Take action and order your copy now!

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Kyle is a human and animal rights activist, co-founder of The Light Movement, public speaker, and bestselling author of “The Christian Bubble”.

Kyle is dedicated to making the world a better place and will help expand your consciousness with love and light.

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