Baupanel® Uses Expanded Polystyrene to Deliver Eco-Friendly, Affordable Building Solution

June 15 22:52 2020
Leading providers of innovative building systems, Baupanel®, offers improved building solution to reduce construction costs and help save the environment

June 15, 2020 – BAUPANEL is a provider of state-of-the-art building solutions, using Expanded Polystyrene to deliver fantastic systems that have been identified to reduce direct and indirect construction costs and ensure eco-friendliness. The company has become increasingly popular in recent times due to the unique combination of affordability, quality, and sustainability, with a presence in countries worldwide and production facilities in Spain, Morocco, India, and Bangladesh.

Walls made with baupanel® can be completed with any kind of finishing,” said David Kendrick, owner of Baupanel Systems. “The structure is resistant to loadings higher than the effect of a category 1 earthquake without suffering any kind of damage,” David continued.

The wall is one of the most critical parts of any building as it helps to secure the habitats and other items in the building and makes the space as comfortable as possible. Over the years, several solutions have emerged to strengthen the walls and the building as a whole. However, many such solutions are not particularly eco-friendly, which is where BAUPANEL is looking to change the narrative.

BauPanel is relatively cost-effective, comparing favorably in costs and execution in other building solutions, considering the process and delivery. The system offers a two-in-one solution to users, providing high load resistance walls and thermo-acoustic insulation. Its lightweight panels and easy installation process also help builders and their clients save on harnessing cranes, heavy plant and machinery, and manpower.

The BauPanel solution is not only cost-effective and environmentally sustainable but also offer hurricane and fire resistance, ensuring that the building is protected from unforeseen man-made and natural disasters. This also ensures that buildings are safe, especially as the world seems to be changing rapidly in the face of climate change.

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About Baupanel Systems

Bau Panel Systems Limited (Gibraltar) is a group of companies that provides an advanced building system as a structural building product and solution, serving the construction industry worldwide. The company was acquired by David Kendrick for completing some projects in Spain, before expanding the company’s solutions to other parts of the world upon realizing the uniqueness in the Baupanel building technology.

Bau is part of a diverse worldwide group of companies that is committed to creating a more eco-friendly environment.

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