Vibrant Blue Oils Announces Their Parasympathetic Summit Along With Other Natural Tools To Keep Cool In The Midst Of Chaos

June 16 14:02 2020
Vibrant Blue Oils Announces Their Parasympathetic Summit Along With Other Natural Tools To Keep Cool In The Midst Of Chaos
Vibrant Blue Oils has announced the date and tentative topics for their November Parasympathetic Summit.

So much feels outside of our control these days – your ability to go outside, enjoy a meal at a restaurant or connect in person with friends and family.  You might feel uncertain about your ability to keep your family safe or maintain employment.  This uncertainty and fear might be impacting your sleep, your mood, or even your energy levels.

In the midst of all the external uncertainty, the only thing you have control over is your ability to control your reaction.  

“Between the stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom,” This ability to control the response to stress allowed Viktor Frankl to survive the holocaust.

You may have no control over this virus or the measures your local government is taking to contain it, but you do have complete control over your own response. And that’s a lot of power.

Your ability to control your response to uncertainty can help you navigate these uncertain times and support your healing.

Panic, or the survival state of your nervous system known as your “fight or flight” sympathetic response keeps you locked in a state of high alert where it’s almost impossible to access your ability to think rationally and calm your system.

When you are able to calm down and drop into the parasympathetic state, you can access better problem solving skills and think more clearly. The parasympathetic state also helps turn on your immune system to help keep you healthy and strong.

The parasympathetic state turns on your immune processes, allowing your body to fight pathogens, bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses, and chronic infections.

Accessing the parasympathetic state was my key to survival during challenging times and it is the key I would like to share with you during the 2020 Parasympathetic Summit, according to Jodi Cohen, founder of Vibrant Blue Oils.  “I could not control anything in my external life.  The only thing I could control was my own reaction and accessing the parasympathetic state allowed me to stay calm in the face of the storm and move through the most challenging circumstances I had ever faced with grace and calm.”

The Parasympathetic State affects every aspect of your well-being. Digestion, detoxification, heart health and immune functions are only turned on when your body is in a parasympathetic state. Simply put: when stress is on, your ability to heal and thrive is turned off. You should optimally be in a parasympathetic state 80 percent of the time, but many people struggle to be in this state at any point during their day. This is because of modern day stressors, chronic exposure to toxins like EMFs, heavy metals, mold and glyphosate which inhibits the parasympathetic response and the body’s essential healing processes shut down. 

The Parasympathetic Summit, scheduled for November 9 – 15, 2020, will help you access this natural healing channel.

Tentative Daily Topic Breakdown – How the Parasympathetic State Affects: 

Day One: Detox

Day Two: Stress

Day Three: Gut Health and Digestion

Day Four: Immunity & Inflammation

Day Five: Emotions & Energy

Day Six: Pain & Muscle strength

Day Seven: Brain Health and Mindset

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