Personal Injury Lawyers Must be Chosen Carefully for the Best Representation

June 17 00:14 2020

Personal Injury cases can be difficult and very emotional types of legal civil actions.  Some even cross over into the realm of criminal actions if personal injury is the direct result of active negligence on the part of some defendants.  While this is not the usual occurrence, a personal injury case can sometimes lead to criminal charges, just as a criminal case can open the door to civil actions following the criminal findings.  It becomes imperative then, that any plaintiff in any personal injury case finds the best representation possible.  These cases can be difficult to prepare and to win, and the defendants are usually insurance companies who might very well have adept lawyers already under contract, who themselves are very skilled in fighting these types of civil cases.  Because the insurance companies involved are looking at paying out significant amounts of money, they are more than compelled to win each case.  It is usually their primary occupation. 

In Florida, certain protocols must be followed and only a good attorney in the area should be chosen.

Florida’s statute of limitations is four years from the time of accident or injury and the case must be filed on or before that timeframe. Scott R. Toner, ESQ, with the firm of Toner and Ramirez, in Spring Hill, Florida, is a prime example of skill and experience in this field.  He is a well-seasoned attorney in this field, practicing insurance law since 2003.  He is a partner in Toner and Ramirez and civil litigation regarding accidents and injuries are now his primary focus.  He comes prepared not just for settlement, which is the usual outcome, but also for the less common instance where a civil case will segue into a more complex case with criminal charges.  He is prepared, organized and completely knowledgeable on all facets of insurance issues. Attorney Toner accounts for the fact that “the first” offer may not be the best offer from an insurance company. 

Future problems may arise for an individual especially when a serious accident or injury is involved.

Looking into the future problems should be done so that any client is covered for all expenses now and in the future. While there are pressures from insurance companies to settle quickly, all pain and suffering that presents itself now might not predict an outlook in the coming years when other problems can arise slowly.  There are of course percentages and amounts that are standard but a good attorney like Scott R. Toner will always try to go above and beyond these averages.  His first duty is to the client.  From simple slip and falls to the more egregious injuries sustained by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and work accidents as well as premise accidents, Scott R. Toner is a great choice for personal injury claims in Florida, especially around the Spring Hill area.  His devotion and knowledge pay off for all his clients.

About Scott R. Toner

Scott R. Toner, P. P. has been practicing personal injury law since 2003 and specializes in bringing a case to fruition quickly for his clients, at the same time ensuring maximum settlement amounts.  He is a partner in Toner and Ramirez, P. A. His office located in Spring Hill, Florida services that area with complete devotion, plus surrounding areas.  The focus is on being a friendly type of lawyer and visits are encouraged, although appointments must be scheduled.  The practice itself was opened in 2011 and there is email, a phone, and a website.  The focus is primarily on automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and premises accidents but all potential clients are welcome to contact him and make an appointment to discuss a case. 

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