Product Configurator by DanmarCRM for Complex Products

June 17 12:36 2020
Product Configurator by DanmarCRM for Complex Products

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The biggest problem with online shopping experience is that it is product-centric, not customer-centric. This is what you experience with most online shopping websites – but what if your customers don’t know what they are looking for?

Our Product Configurator allows you to provide the best customer experience by giving them ability to configure their product. It is an interactive tool that translates your product knowledge and expertise into a scalable solution that you can readily implement on your website – much like having a personalized salesperson for every customer that visits your site.

This is a simple, easy to use solution that enables you to sell complex products or packages. The tool has a wide range of applications and works on any type of product that require multiple customization options.

It is a user-friendly solution that does the heavy lifting for you – ensuring all products work together as a package. It is fully customizable with options to show different packages and configuration options, as well as automatically calculate total and individual component prices for selected products or base packages.

With the Product Configurator, you have the capability to define which options are compatible and set up product visualization – giving you and your customers the best visual representation and partial view of different components for a specific product based on your selected options.

It can also be seamlessly integrated to your CRM, so your customers can save selected configurations as a quote for future use.

If you are offering complex products that require customization on your website, the Product Configurator is the perfect solution for you.

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