Family Law is Now Becoming More Important than Ever Due to the Stress Related to Quarantine

June 17 12:40 2020

Family law and the attorneys that specialize in it have always been much needed.  Many issues can erupt within families.  Family law attorneys such as Michael S. Strauss, of Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC, located in Libertyville, Illinois, specializes in  this type of law.  To say the least family law is a complex type of law, and only an attorney well-versed in this type of law should be consulted when faced with any issues in domestic situations. 

Issues arise when least expected during any type divorce, child custody, or even grand parenting.

Issues usually arise because of the inability of both parties, the plaintiff or defendant, failing to establish common ground and see beyond their own points of view.  An attorney well-versed in family law, such as Michael S. Strauss, can help diffuse a situation and lead to a great outcome for both parties.  In fact, arbitrating family law issues is usually recommended as a first step as it is an easy way to achieve balance and satisfaction without the issue of court dates and the time and energy that does entail. Arbitration is also called alternative dispute resolution and family law attorneys should be well versed in this. 

Consultations with a good family law attorney are recommended before entering disputes.

There are times when disputes are severe and need litigation. Litigation is generally needed when some parties are derelict in their duties such as in child support issues or divorce.  A family law attorney will research matters and advise clients based upon facts and full research into the source of conflict.  Previous court records or filings might be needed.   Sometimes there is no point in pursuing arbitration, especially if one party, especially the defendant is severely derelict in their duties, usually when concerning child support, shared custody, and divorce. 

Tempers and emotions flair during family law issues. Division of property also brings emotions.

Choosing an attorney wisely based upon experience is the key when facing a family law issue.   Divorce and any type of family law can lead to frayed emotions and avoiding undue conflict and mitigating tensions is the focus of family law attorneys like Michael S. Strauss.  While many can resolve family disputes on their own, especially in child custody issues, and division of property during divorce, having an attorney can lead to expedience of issues and ensure that the outcomes are the best that can be.  Deflecting and mitigating issues while resolving the conflict is a much-needed skill in any type of family law attorney. Michael is well-versed in all types of family law, including military family law, grandparents’ rights, and fathers’ rights.  He can handle all these types of issues with the calm, yet rational approach that is needed. 

About Michael S. Strauss

Attorney Strauss is a partner in Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC, based in Libertyville, Illinois.  He passed the Illinois Bar Association Accreditation in 2004 and has practiced law in many fields since then but now focuses entirely on all aspects of family law.   Attorney Strauss is easy to contact via the website,, through email, phone and an online form.  A blog exists on the site with great info on all types of family law.  Michael Strauss has years of achievement and awards.  Consultations do need appointments.

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