No More Anti-Virus Software – Atense Inc., a Cyber Defense Company Claims To Have Developed The World’s First Computer Vaccine

June 17 20:15 2020
No More Anti-Virus Software - Atense Inc., a Cyber Defense Company Claims To Have Developed The World’s First Computer Vaccine
Atense Inc., a Cyber Defense company claims that people could soon be saying “Goodbye” to anti-malware and antivirus software thanks to the development of the first vaccine for computers.

Atense Inc., a Cyber Defense company is launching a Kickstarter Campaign that will kick off on July 7th, to introduce its computer vaccine to the world. The now patented computer vaccine is the first of its kind, and while the company has been tightly lipped about how it works, they have been saying that it will do away with the need for anti-malware and antivirus software. 

A recent Research Gate survey showed that in most cases, ransomware encrypted computer files and malware slowed down people’s computers, caused loss of personal data, and even caused some websites to crash. 36% of those who are infected by malware end up losing money online. 

Traditional antivirus software works by scanning a file or program or an application and then comparing its specific set of code with ones in its database. The larger the database, the more viruses the program can catch. If the program can find a match or an identical instruction set, in its database, it flags that as malware in the database, the program is then quarantined or even removed.

Unfortunately, with current tools, it is hard, if not near impossible to detect new malware since over one million unique strains are created and released each day, making it difficult for anti-virus software to keep up with and adapt to the changes. However, a computer vaccine could change all that, and Atense believes its solution could be the next big thing in computing. 

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A computer vaccine works similarly as a vaccine for humans and animals. It protects the computer against current malware and viruses but it is also effective at stopping new strains. Our approach protects computers at the kernel level, preventing any unauthorized software or code to launch. That’s why using our computer vaccine will make it virtually impenetrable by protecting the main entry points of the computer.” said John Almeida, inventor of the Atense Computer Vaccine. 

He added, “I think this is going to usher in a major change in the way computers are protected.” 

Atense will launch its Kickstarter campaign for a month, beginning July 7th, 2020 with the idea of taking their computer vaccine mainstream. 

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