Original in China – The Fourth Generation of Intelligent Car-washing Machine Leads the World and Opens a New Chapter in the Industry

June 19 17:17 2020

Everything is flourishing in the early summer of June. On June 17, the new product release meeting of Zhejiang Yi Gongli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Hangzhou. Shi Hengzhi, the founder and CEO of Yi Gongli Intelligent, Chen Siyu, the chief scientific officer and CTO Ji Kun attended and acted as the speakers.

At the site of event, Shi Hengzhi, the founder and CEO of Yi Gongli Intelligent, Chen Siyu, the chief scientific officer, and CTO Ji Kun made speeches respectively. They said that in 2017, Yi Gongli Intelligent launched intelligent car washing, bringing automatic car washing into the era of intelligence, which showed that one person can control the cleaning of 15000 cars in one day sitting in the office. Today, the new generation intelligent car-washing machine of Yi Gongli Intelligent is not only the innovation of products, but also the innovation of business model, even the revolution of efficiency.

As a Chinese innovative technology enterprise, Yi Gongli Intelligent was founded in 2014, and has always been committed to the research and development of Chinese original high-tech products through robot and artificial intelligence technology, shouldering the mission of making technology serve people.

The new generation intelligent car-washing machine of Yi Gongli is small in size and wide in application. It is more efficient and has a good experience for people, which has no worries in all times and can be maintained quickly. It is a new breakthrough from concept, structure to control system, and the first time in the world to apply the advanced technologies such as robot, artificial intelligence, 5g IOT and so on to the car-washing industry.

Since the launch of intelligent car-washing robot in Yi Gongli in July 2017, more than 1500 stores have been laid across the country, which has been favored by the market. It also obtained the first-line capital support from Alibaba, Youjin capital, PICC equity, Dazheng capital and Kaiming capital. There is no doubt that this kind of efficient car-washing method, which improves the industry efficiency and customer experience, will become the future trend.

With the successful completion of the new product release meeting, it also announced that the emerging enterprises represented by Yi Gongli are proving the power of China’s innovation to the world. In the future, Yi Gongli will continue to adhere to the mission of making technology serve people and use technology for social welfare.

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