Bride photo weaved in Indian Wedding Sarees at Kanjivaram Silks

June 19 23:44 2020
Bride photo weaved in Indian Wedding Sarees at Kanjivaram Silks
Bride photo weaving in Indian wedding sarees and wedding silk sarees customization is available at kanjivaram silks

Modern Indian brides are interested and more keen in taking couple portraits before or after the weddings. Now the brides can have their own couple portraits in their wedding sarees too. kanjivaram silks has launched this couple portrait weaving in Indian wedding sarees for the modern bride.  The making of couple portrait bridal saree takes around 45 days time frame and are made with pure kanchipuram silk and 2 gram gold zari. Kanjivaram silks also provides wedding saree customization where the bride has the option to choose their own body design and colour of the silk sarees.

Choosing the right Indian bridal saree

While planning for the fairytale wedding, the most daunting task of a bride is to choose the perfect wedding dress. In India, it is a tradition for brides to wear sarees or lehengas on their wedding day. While lehengas are a popular choice, a bride knows that no attire can beat the elegance of a Indian wedding saree. And it is not easy to pick one with a widespread of choices starting from the finest Banarasi Indian bridal saree to the famous Kanchipuram Indian wedding saree.

History of Indian bridal silk sarees

The history of Banarasi bridal sarees has been traced back to the Vedic times. Hiranya, which is called as cloth weaved with gold zari, is mentioned in the Rig Vedas, as the clothing of the Gods. The embellished zari work is synonymous with Banarasi wedding silk sarees. Akbar, the Mughal Emperor, was known for his love for finer things in life. His palace carpets and wall hangings were made from Banarasi silk. Also, it is a known fact that many of his wives draped Banarasi bridal silk sarees. The British were baffled by the intricate work of cloth and threads of gold weaved together that decorated the halls of Akbar’s palace. After independence, the small- scale industries slowly and steadily grew its market. Now Banarasi bridal silk sarees are the one of the most sought by young brides.

Weaving techniques of Indian bridal sarees

The weaving technique has been passed down each generation. It takes a craftsman two weeks to six months to weave a silk saree. One can watch these craftsmen weaving the saris in the handlooms in Varanasi. First, the design or pattern is punched into paper like Braille. There is a separate pattern that guides each row and different patterns for a silk saree. Based on the design like floral, the coloured raw silk and the zari  are weaved in the handloom.

Depending on the design and the intricacy of the work, the price of Indian wedding sarees varies from Rs.3000 to Rs.200000. It may seem to be a heavy price to pay. But once you feel the fine texture of gold and silver threads run across your silk saree, there is no looking back.

Famous designers like Ritu Kumar, Anita Dongre and many more are bringing back the Banarasi bridal silk sarees to the bridal collection. They are joining hands with the weavers to revive the tradition to attract young brides.

Tips to maintain your wedding saree

It is recommended to dry clean your silk saree. Do not use detergent to wash the saree. It is a big no-no. This will ruin the texture of the gold threads. Wrap the silk saree in a muslin cloth and hang it in your cupboard. Also, remember to change the folds once in a while. Feel good and beautiful wearing the cloth of gods on your wedding day.

It’s quite common to look modern on normal days, but when it comes to traditional events that are completely different. Every woman would like to dress up traditionally for an auspicious traditional event. And what matches up with the traditional occasion is a perfect Indian wedding saree. As it is one of the world’s most popular as well as the longest in during fashion item of every woman.

Origin of Indian bridal sarees

The origin of Indian wedding sarees has been the significance of the past. And the word has been derived from Sanskrit, which means the strip of cloth. With the evolution of the modern era, there has been a huge popularity for different varieties of Indian bridal sarees. And still, it has been continuing till today and will definitely have much more designs in future. For the past few years there has been only one way of draping silk saree but in the ultra-modern World, women started adopting different styles. Even the bridal sarees are also draped in many different ways that really adds alluring look.

Indian wedding sarees are the ultimate choice

Irrespective of any traditional occasion, wedding sarees have become the primary choice for every lady. No Indian wedding is completed without rich and gorgeous Indian wedding saree. The connection is not limited to few types, but there is the unimaginable collection that varies in fabric, design, border, and colors. Handmade sarees are a most preferred choice for a wedding because they have a natural look with unique fiber quality.

There is a general belief that women on wedding occasion should wear bright red color combination. Because red is the significance of tradition and Indian culture. However, the choice of the color will also have a greater impact on brides beauty. Depending upon the tradition of the individual is the color of the saree may vary, but most often the colors are red, green, pink and blue.

Design of the wedding sarees

No matter how costly the Indian bridal sarees but the brides give preference for the design and look of the silk saree. In fact, design matters more than anything along with another color. And the next preference is given to the texture or the fabric of the silk saree. It is the ultimate choice for the bride to choose the color and pattern of her own. The latest collection of classic and stylish make the bride more beautiful.

The design of a traditional Indian attire has more importance. Because it is an integral part of every woman to get highlighted with the design she selects. And the design ultimately maintains its grace and charm giving a different look for each and every bride.

Budget is also one of the important factors that need to be concentrated while purchasing wedding collection. It’s not necessary that the bridal sarees should be costly. Even more, there are extraordinary designs within the budget that really fascinates every woman. However, the bride should concentrate to look traditional on wedding occasion, so as to accompany the event. This can be done by choosing the best collection of wedding attire with a traditional look.

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