Reteck Charger Ergonomic Car Wireless Charger and Phone Holder Launches on Kickstarter, Use-anywhere wireless car charger and ergonomic phone holder offers increased safety and convenience

June 22 07:12 2020

Technology enthusiasts who have a special concern about car, driving and road safety are being presented Reteck Charger from today on Kickstarter. Launched at <>, this is a wireless phone charger and holder that solves the problems that conventional vertical phone holders bring along.

“Every driver who uses his mobile phone for assisted navigation knows that conventional chargers and holders are placed way below the place where the eyes of drivers should always be directed, which is the road ahead,” John Wang, one of the creators of Reteck Charger said. The device is instead designed to be placed on the car’s dashboard, allowing drivers to conveniently keep an eye on the screen while never being distracted from the road by having to look down.

“On the other hand, as they incline their neck downwards to look at the screen, drivers also feel a tension on the neck that is unhealthy, which is another problem that Reteck Charger solves,” Mr. Wang added, alluding to the fact that drivers have their phone’s screen within the scope of vision, an ergonomic way to check navigation indications on the screen without ending up with neck pain.

The device is also intended to lure crowdfunding backers into pre-ordering it through other features. It comes with a built-in cooling fan, which autonomously keeps phones from overheating when they are charged. Reteck Charger’s upper cover can protect devices from the effect of potentially disruptive sun rays, and its position on the car’s dashboard as well as its structure ensure that the user’s phone is kept steady despite the natural car vibrations when on the road. “This means that the display of images, the reception of the signal and even the safety of the phone are not affected by vibrations,” John further commented.

The device also comes with an intelligent auto-sensing feature that allows users to easily use their phones with only one hand while driving, and it’s design has also been carefully planned. Whenever a user is not charging his phone, Reteck Charger’s cover will close automatically, making it look like a beautifully design accessory that will compliment the car’s aesthetics. “That’s also why people can use and keep Reteck Charger anywhere, whether it is in the car, in the office, or in the bedroom. It just looks great and works perfectly wherever it is,” the developer observed.

The Reteck Charger campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $5,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to this innovative wireless charger.

Reteck was established in 2008 as a high-tech company that produces wireless chargers, bluetooth headsets, and other mobile accessories. The company currently sells its products to dozens of countries and regions around the world based on the quality of its products—which have all obtained CE, FCC and RoHS certifications, with some also obtaining the UL certification, along with the ISO9001 certification that Reteck company has obtained.

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