iWallet Offers Restaurants Free QR Menu Capabilities

July 10 19:56 2020
Contactless menus usher in new method to practice social distancing while dining.

iWallet, the company behind ultra-secure payment processing via QR code technology, is now offering restaurants the capability to upload physical menus that can be accessed by any Smartphone equipped with a camera. Quick Response (QR) code technology will not only reduce or eliminate the need for traditional menus but can do so for free. Restaurants looking to make safety and convenience a number one priority now have a simple, safe tool to add to the service menu. Free digital versions of menus can be found here by simply uploading a PDF of the menu and signing up to take advantage of the services that iWallet offers. As social distancing efforts continue in many parts of the world, services that utilize contactless forms of interaction are becoming more prevalent than ever. In this era of COVID-19, both customers and business owners are ready to get back to normal while doing so as safely as possible.

QR code technology is like the traditional barcode but can store far more information. The code readers are available on any Smartphone that has a camera and a QR scanning application. The code technology requires no hardware besides a Smartphone equipped with the application. With the iWallet application installed, users can download menus and make contactless payments. This way restaurants are now able to save money both in printing costs associated with printed menus, as well as the cost of transaction fees associated with traditional credit cards. For restaurants that generally operate as “cash-only”, this technology can bridge the gap and allow customers the option to pay how they want. With the restaurant no longer responsible for processing fees, this allows them to accept multiple forms of payment that were previously inaccessible.

QR processing is based on ACH transactions, which essentially move money from one account to another account free of charge. While this is certainly one option, iWallet also offers the choice to pay via credit card, with the processing fee belonging to the customer. In the future, the company also plans to add payment methods for customers utilizing food stamps or government support by allowing payment with SNAP/EBT processing. All these payments are made using bank-level security and it is no longer necessary to carry a wallet, the Smartphone is the only requirement. For restaurants and other merchants, the only need is to print the QR code associated with the business and display it in a prominent location. The rest takes care of itself, the customers do the scanning, downloading, and paying. With free ACH transactions, contactless menus, and the security of a traditional bank, iWallet is the answer to today’s fast-paced and service-at-a-distance reality.

About iWallet, Inc

With a belief in the small business sector, iWallet combines simplicity and safety to the world of contactless payment and virtual wallets. Many merchants already utilize the iWallet technology system and many more are signing up every day. With thousands of monthly web visitors, iWallet delivers a convenient, free way to provide restaurants the ability to provide services to the customer, at a socially safe distance.

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