“101 Great Recipes” by Chef John Dye Reveals Great Tasting Dishes Everyone Would Love to Eat

July 30 18:20 2020
"101 Great Recipes" by Chef John Dye Reveals Great Tasting Dishes Everyone Would Love to Eat

July 30, 2020 – With so many recipes and cookbooks out there, is there a need for another? 

Chef and evangelist John Dye answers the question, yes and his latest recipe book reveals why. 

“101 Great Recipes: A Cook Book” is not just another set of recipes and instructions. It comes along with the ultimate test of a good chef: if people don’t enjoy or want to eat the recipe, then it’s just not good enough.

“101 Great Recipes: A Cook Book” will set you on the “right path when it comes to cooking good tasting food.” It’s the food that not merely ‘looks’ good, but tastes so great that people at home will actually want to eat more.

Watch the introduction to “101 Great Recipes”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdvq_u-Z7FU&feature=youtu.be

A cookbook has one thing on a page, but my cookbook has complete meals on one page with easy to use ingredients and instructions that make the food come out tasting great,” says Chef John Dye.

An “all-in-one, go-to recipe book,” these recipes include: a wide collection of appetizers, breakfast meals, soups and stews, sandwiches, main and side dishes. In short, everything that makes for a great meal. Those in a dilemma to decide what to cook for guests or family can refer to it often.

According to Chef Dye, one shouldn’t waste, anyone’s time cooking food that people won’t eventually eat. The secret to successful cooking, he says, is as simple as people enjoying the prepared dishes. The cook book will be of value to every home, irrespective of income level or wealth. It’s affordable for everyone, who wants to cook great tasting food at home.

“101 Great Recipes” is also very relevant to the current times of the pandemic, with most people staying at home and cooking for themselves. A self-help book, it can help everyone learn to cook and work together in the kitchen. (Buying information below)

John Dye is a multi-talented personality, an author, model/actor, singer, motivational speaker, spiritual counselor and a chef, who cooks only the best tasting meals.

John Dye is also an evangelist. His 25 “Spiritual DVDs Collection” is an essential, buy for anyone searching for the truth and love of God.

101 Great Recipes: A Cook Book” by Chef John Dye is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For more information, please visit: http://www.johndyecookbook.com/

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