Ghost Planet Studios Podcast New Interview With Makers of Amazon Hit Chrome The Series

July 30 18:38 2020
Ghost Planet Studios Podcast New Interview With Makers of Amazon Hit Chrome The Series

Kenny Mason of Ghost Planet Studios hosts a very special episode of Ghost Planet Podcast featuring an interview with celebrity actress Natasha Coppola-Shalom and famed scifi feminist director Timothy Hines as they discuss the anime-come-to-life hit scifi fantasy show Chrome: The Series now streaming on Amazon Prime (Free with Prime membership), Vimeo, PrimeVideoUK, Roku and AppleTV.
Ghost Planet Studios presents a special interview episode with the makers of anime-come-to-life hit female superhero fantasy show Chrome. They talk Sci-Fi Film making, bad Star Wars movies, and the dreaded Coronavirus. All this and more in the exclusive interview.

Ghost Planet Studios is coming up out with a new podcast today featuring in an exclusive interview with cast and crew of Amazon Prime Video’s winning scifi TV show Chrome: The Series. Host Kenny Mason ’s part audio drama, part nostalgic ode to Toonami anime podcast chats intimately with celebrity cast member Natasha Coppola-Shalom and famed scifi feminist director Timothy Hines.

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Much like her gnarly female superheros predecessors Xena, Wonder Woman and the best of Toonami anime, Chrome: The Series is all in on the cyberpunk, Pulp Noir, Blade Runner, Sin City vibes. Treat yourself to this podcast that entertainingly talks about all things Chrome: The Series as well as growing up in the Coppola dynasty, how Coronavirus affects artists across America, everything Star Wars, voice acting and Timothy Hines’ beloved scifi movie War of the Worlds The True Story.

“I was already a fan of Ghost Planet Studios and was enjoying the tale of Planet Penumbra when Kenny and I agreed his fan base would love the cyberpunk aesthetic of Chrome. I cannot wait to hear this podcast!” exclaims Chrome producer Susan Goforth.

Above: Chrome: The Series on Amazon Prime – Escaped robots, Nal and Perdix (Dave Morrissey Jr. and Natasha Coppola-Shalom).

While Hollywood tent poles movies like Wonder Woman 1984, Tenet, and Black Widow were postponed by Coronavirus concerns and impending theater closures, Chrome: The Series has humbly filled the entertainment void left by the absence of Hollywood blockbusters with its fresh and freaky, not-your-parents-scifi hyper-action fantasy.

“I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it!” Kenny Mason raves over the look and feel of Chrome: The Series, which utilizes lots of old-school special effects including overscale sized miniatures and practical on-set effects.

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The hyper-action mini series follows Chrome (Katie Erin Tomlinson) a silver robot slave who defies her cruel masters and with the help of fellow runaway robot Perdix the flying repairbot (played by the lovely Natasha Coppola-Shalom) fights to right injustice in a dystopian world. Also starring in Chrome is Susan Goforth as the off-the-charts villainess EL The Reclaimer, Anthony Piana as the marvelously sadistic regime leader Colonel Zet and Dave Morrissey Jr. as the giant construction robot Nal.

“Chrome: The Series is twice as enjoyable on the second watch!” Josh MacPhearson JN4K Channel

Ghost Planet’s Podcast with Natasha Coppola-Shalom and Timothy Hines arrives across all GhostPlanetStudios platforms on Thursday June 30:

Each episode of Chrome: The Series is a movie condensed into an episode, with a new episode arriving each season until the first season is complete Spring 2021. Chrome: The Series pilot episode ‘Death Wish’ is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video and PPV, Prime Video UK, and worldwide on Vimeo, Roku and AppleTV.

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