Cockpit Chronicles – Desmon Butts Provides Insider Look Into the Aviation Industry in Newly Released Book

August 19 20:06 2020

Houston, Texas, USA – August 19, 2020 – Highly experienced commercial airline pilot and aviation instructor Desmon Butts has now released his new book, Tales From The Cockpit: Sometimes the Door is Closed for a Reason!! This new book offers a highly insightful and multifaceted look into the world of commercial aviation like never before. From serious problems and how he successfully dealt with them to moments of humor and beauty, this book captures the most significant moments that Desmon Butts has come face-to-face with during the 6,000+ hours that he has flown a plane.

Tales From The Cockpit is a highly riveting read for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. While taking on a story-telling style, the book also provides a lot of information and behind the scenes details that only the most advanced professionals know about. From his experience with gyroplanes and commercial jets to flying First Lady Laura Bush and life-changing mid-flight moments, Captain Desmon Butts shares scrupulous details within his anecdotes and provides true value for the readers. The life of an aviation professional is a constant dichotomy of inspiring moments and times when quick improvisation is needed to conquer a problem and save the day, and this new book captures that sentiment expertly. While he starts the book with a picture of a beautiful and serene sunset from 37,000 feet above sea level, he also shares his experience with air crash investigations and how he has served as a witness for multiple crashes.

Desmon Butts, having served as a US Marine during Desert Storm, is a gyroplane and commercial airline pilot who has worked in the harshest conditions. From the scalding Arizona desert heat to the edge of the Arctic ocean, Desmon has successfully flown and landed in some of the most unprecedented and highly remote areas in this world. As a young boy, he bought his first car at the age of 11. Then at age 12, he was able to rebuild the car engine. With a knack for repairing and rebuilding machines, his vast aviation career and his success in the industry was evident.

With organizations such as National Geographic and the Department of Homeland Security demanding his expertise, Desmon is a man of many skills and talents. In addition to his aviation career, he has founded many companies and businesses. Still building cars and aircrafts, he is an avid tester and instructor of experimental aircraft and gyroplanes. Desmon Butts is available for interviews.

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