New guide reveals the right way to earn from social media content

September 18 04:31 2020
New guide reveals the right way to earn from social media content

A new guide has launched to show all kinds of content creators – including influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters – how to safely earn from paid social media platforms like OnlyFans, Patreon, and SoSpoilt.

Paid social media platforms (also known as creator/subscription platforms) allow any creator to charge fans a monthly fee to access their content or message them directly.

This is unlike traditional, ad-based platforms – such as YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram – which force creators to rely on elusive brand deals or sponsorships to make money.

Creator platforms have boomed in popularity this year. In fact, SoSpoilt has recorded a 1400% rise in users since the start of March.

However, with reports that some platforms are failing to pay creators fairly or comply with VAT laws, SoSpoilt is urging creators to do their homework.

What the guide covers

SoSpoilt’s new ‘Guide to Earning on Creator Platforms’ helps creators understand exactly what to look out for and avoid when choosing the right platform for them.

The guide also teaches creators how to:

  • Protect themselves and their content
  • Handle their earnings (and understand tax and VAT laws)
  • Market themselves to build a loyal online fanbase

Alex Campbell, a spokesperson for SoSpoilt, said, “Lots of creator platforms are popping up these days. We want to make sure creators realise the importance of doing their homework before choosing one to sign up to. Their income depends on it.

“For instance, we’ve seen reports that not all platforms have been handling VAT in line with UK and EU regulations. Many could be hit with massive backdated-VAT bills very soon.

“It’s inevitable that some platforms will not survive these fines. Creators need to consider what would happen to their content, earnings, and fanbase if the platform they were using went bust.

“They need to do their best to pick a platform that’s compliant and is going to be around for many years to come. Our new guide should help them do that.”

Praise for the guide

Michelle Most, a content creator with over 82,500 followers, says she highly recommends the guide.

“I think a lot of people assume it’s easy earning on a creator platform,” explains Michelle. “They think you just snap a few photos or videos and upload them for your subscribers. But in reality, it’s so much harder than that.

“You need to be a savvy businessperson. You need to understand how to market yourself and turn your followers into paying subscribers. You need to get your head around things like VAT, tax, and content security.

“That’s why I’d recommend SoSpoilt’s new guide to anyone who wants to be a successful creator.”

Download the full guide for free here.

About SoSpoilt

SoSpoilt is a paid social platform with one mission: to help influencers and content creators earn directly from their fanbase. Operated by Ampay Limited – a trusted UK technology provider since 1999 – it’s the only choice for creators looking to connect live with fans and get paid. With SoSpoilt, fans can message, stream, and subscribe to creators they love.

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