Linyang Signed A Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement With State Grid Lianyungang Power Supply Company

September 24 20:31 2020

On September 15, 2020, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement and demonstration project cooperation agreement between Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. and State Grid Lianyungang Power Supply Company was held in Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province.

Thanks to the good natural resources and policy environment, both sides will make a deep cooperation at the areas of commercial and industrial users, public buildings, industrial park, the comprehensive energy services, distributed photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and micro grid system, energy efficiency and carbon asset management etc. The cooperation includes the construction and operation of distributed photovoltaic + energy storage projects as well as the construction and operation of energy storage power station projects. It plans to develop 200MW distributed photovoltaic power station and supporting energy storage projects and 200MWh energy storage projects within three years by means of cooperative investment or third-party investment. Both sides will take the full advantages and jointly develop, construct, invest and operate industrial park and photovoltaic (PV), energy storage and micro power grid as well as the energy storage power station project, and explore the energy storage system based on intelligent energy platform in the peak shift and auxiliary service, demand response, given large-scale renewable energy, power supply reliability, security and other aspects of innovation of technology and business models.

At the signing ceremony, Cheng Zhenhe, the general manager of State Grid Lianyungang Power Supply Company, said that the signing of strategic cooperation between Lianyungang Power Supply Company and Linyang Energy is a concrete action to promote energy reform, and also a new chapter for the two sides to jointly develop new opportunities and open a new chapter to realize cooperation, interaction, complementary advantages and mutual benefit. In the future, the two sides will jointly build new forms and mechanisms of cooperation and development, carry out more extensive cooperation in comprehensive energy services such as distributed energy, energy storage and contract energy management, and enhance the level of strategic coordination.

Lu Yongxin , Vice President of Linyang Group introduced the overall business development of Linyang energy, particularly mentioned that when it comes to the first half of this year, under the negative impact of the global outbreak spread, Linyang achieved great growth by deepen the market deployment and adjusting strategic measurements.

Fang Zhuangzhi, Vice president of Linyang introduced another project, which is being signed at the same time. It is signed with Jiangsu Qitian Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for 2 MW distributed photovoltaic (PV) + 2 MWH energy storage. Mr. Fang also introduced the demonstration project of linyang “high security, long life, high efficiency, low attenuation, intelligence” of the lithium iron phosphate large-capacity energy storage system solutions.

The demonstration project owners signed a tripartite agreement of energy conservation service.

At the signing ceremony, the demonstration project owner Jiangsu Qitian Tower and Lianyungang Huasheng Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, and Lianyungang Zhiyuan Electric Power Design Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite service agreement. Lianyungang Huasheng Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, Lianyungang Zhiyuan Electric Power Design Co., Ltd at the same time Signed a cooperation agreement.

Lianyungang Huasheng Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, and Lianyungang Zhiyuan Electric Power Design Co., Ltd. signed energy saving service cooperation and development agreement.

Through the strategic cooperation agreement signed with State Grid Lianyungang Power Supply Company, Linyang Energy will accelerate the expansion of “PHOTOVOLTAIC + energy storage” business. At present, vigorous development of renewable energy has become a common consensus and concerted action in the global energy reform and climate change response. Since the advent of the photovoltaic parity era, Linyang Energy has accumulated over 1.2GW of projects under parity and competitive bidding, and actively reserves various kinds of parity distributed power station resources, with nearly 3GW in hand. With the continuous increase of the installed capacity and power generation ratio of centralized and distributed renewable energy with high volatility and intermittency, the important role of energy storage system in future electric power and energy system becomes more and more obvious. Linyang uses lithium iron phosphate battery storage technology, taking the energy storage and user side energy storage as the main breakthrough direction, relying on the main businesses of “Smart Energy, Renewable Energy, Energy Saving”, committed to ”be a first-class product and operation service provider in the global field of Smart Grid, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Management”.

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