Estate Planning Made Easy and Simple with FreeWill’s Warm, Intuitive and Free of Cost Process

May 04 14:58 2021
FreeWill is a social venture that offers free-of-cost online estate planning services to help people and their loved ones relieved from potential difficulties.

New York, NY, USA – When one thinks about estate planning, it can be a complex process. Some people often do not consider investing their time into estate planning while other people dread estate planning for years and end up not leaving behind a will. However, one can not underestimate the several benefits that estate planning has to offer which include avoidance of taxes and legal tie-ups and bequeathing property and funds as per the guardian’s desire. With that FreeWill has made online estate planning easy for people by offering a free, warm, and intuitive service.

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Around 65% of the adult population in the US does not have a will. Sometimes it is because of the complicated process while, at other times, people feel daunted by the very thought of estate planning. Hence, FreeWill offers online software that can be used by anyone irrespective of their background and size of assets. What’s more amazing about FreeWill is that all the estate plans are 100% legal and tailored as per one’s needs and requirements. FreeWill also believes in social good and wants you to think about your own potential long-term needs.

Therefore, the public benefit corporation has also made the charitable donations process simple, and, to date, FreeWill has facilitated people to commit more than 2.79 billion funds to more than 400 non-profit organizations for charitable purposes. The award-winning social venture was founded by the two Stanford graduates in 2016 to help people rethink estate planning by refusing to let the unknowns deter you from making any kind of plan. Estate planning can be a daunting task but the co-CEOs, Jenny Xia Spradling and Patrick Schmitt strive to make estate planning a rewarding experience for people through charitable donations and preventing any financial burdens. FreeWill’s Co-CEO, Jenny Xia-Spradling graduated in Applied Math at Harvard and is also a fellow of Harvard in Tech, one of Forbes 30 under 30, and was listed as Town & Country’s Top 50 philanthropist of 2019 with Co-CEO Patrick Schmitt. At the end of 2019, both Jenny and Patrick are on track to meet its target of donating $1 trillion to charities in the next ten years.

Denise Bowen, a first Jamaican generation college graduate shared her personal story of why she utilized FreeWill’s platform.  Denise received the “University Honors Scholar award” from New York University. As a start-up pitch coach and programming manager, Denise strives to help bridge the gap between minorities and also enable the potential entrepreneurs to showcase their incredible stories in front of the investors. With the opportunities Denise got to have created sales and business workshops for Harvard in Tech, FreeWill as a fellow of the program, her purpose is to make an impact on her community and educate you about estate planning being vital to your family’s financial well-being.

Denise mentions how the founder and CEO of Macro, a global media brand, Charles D. King inspired her in life.  Charles D. King created a space for people of color in Hollywood and inspired Denise to bridge the technological gap for minorities.  It was because of this inspiration that Denise was able to tackle the new venture that highlights the importance of estate planning, specifically for Black Americans. Denise’s stepfather, a Sergeant, was murdered in an unfortunate incident, leaving her mother to navigate through life by herself. When her mother was recently diagnosed with covid-19, Denise learned about the benefits of having an estate plan through FreeWill’s initiatives. Denise encourages everyone to understand the importance of protecting their loved ones and it’s never too early to start planning. Rather than allowing the uncertain circumstance and tragic situations to label Black people as victims, Denise says that people of color must take personal responsibility. It will help them carve out their future, take control of their lives and decide the fate of their loved ones that they will ultimately leave behind one day. 

There are numerous stories about people who did not make an estate plan before leaving the world. Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman is such a celebrity who passed away from cancer and left his fortune without a will. The musician Prince, who died at the age of 57, is another example. The celebrity left behind an estate worth an estimated $300 million but with no legal instructions. But one must not forget that estate planning is not only for the rich and wealthy who have a lot to bequeath.

Estate planning is important for everyone, irrespective of background, age or wealth. It will help avoid taxes and prevent loved ones from getting stuck in complicated legal processes for years. Estate planning also helps appoint the right people to take care of assets and children after parents or guardians are no longer able to take care of them. Hence, in this mission to do well, FreeWill has established itself to help people leave behind a legacy and provide their loved ones’ life with dignity and care. Many people who create their tailored estate plans using FreeWill’s online software choose to leave behind a part of their estate as gifts for people in need.  FreeWill, would not have been made possible without the support of hundreds of non-profit organizations working towards serving a meaningful purpose.

FreeWill has built a diverse female engineering team that comprises 50% of its workforce and it aims to serve people through this noble cause. While the coronavirus has made people rethink estate plans and create wills, recent studies by YouGov suggest that 62% of the American population still don’t have one. FreeWill encourages people to use its free software to create estate plans and avoid potential concerns.

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