Ceftiofur Market Size Share Trends Growth Demand and Competitive Analysis Insights 2022-2029

October 19 18:10 2022
Ceftiofur Market Size Share Trends Growth Demand and Competitive Analysis Insights 2022-2029
DataM Intelligence
The Global Ceftiofur Market is estimated to reach a high CAGR of 5% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Market Overview:

Ceftiofur Market size was valued US$ YY million in 2021 and is estimated to reach US$ YY million by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Ceftiofur is a veterinary drug that has been certified to deal with a ramification of ailments in pigs, red meat or dairy cattle, and different animals. It is a third-era cephalosporin antibiotic that inhibits bacterial boom through attaching to and inactivating penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) on bacterial mobile partitions.

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Market Dynamics

High adoption of Ceftiofur drug for swine influenza virus is predicted to force marketplace growth.

The swine influenza virus is extensive in pig populations everywhere in the global. It is uncommon for the virus to spread from pigs to humans; in lots of cases, it reasons the blood to provide antibodies in preference to the flu. It is called zoonotic swine flu if transmission effects in human influenza.

Those who often contact pigs are more likely to contract the swine flu. For example, G4 EA H1N1, every now and then referred to as the G4 swine flu virus (G4), is a strain of the swine influenza virus determined in China in 2020. The virus is a Eurasian avian-like (EA) variation genotype four (G4) H1N1 virus that in the main infects pigs, while there’s some indication that it may additionally infect human beings.

Moreover, On November 5, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inside the United States introduced that the influenza season of 2020–2021 saw 3 human infections with new influenza A viruses. However, there was no proof of any human-to-human transmission among these swine flu’ cases. Therefore, it has improved the call for for the Ceftiofur drug. Thus, from the above statements, the marketplace is predicted to power inside the forecast length.

Market Segmentation:

By Drug Type

  • Ceftiofur Sodium
  • Ceftiofur Hydrochloride
  • Ceftiofur Crystalline Free Acid

By Application

  • Respiratory Infections
  • Bovine Interdigital Necrobacillosis
  • Others

By Animal Type

  • Cattle
  • Horse
  • Swine
  • Sheep        
  • Others

Competitive Landscape

Major key players in the ceftiofur market are Zoetis Services LLC, Hipra, Merck & Co., Inc., Ceva Sante Animale, AdvaCare Pharma, Norbrook, Cephazone Pharma LLC, Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, QILU SYNVA CO.,LTD.

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