The NYC Fire Watch Service Division of USPA launches its mobile command center

October 20 06:14 2022
The NYC Fire Watch Service Division of USPA launches its mobile command center
USPA Nationwide Security NYC Fire Watch Service
A 24/7 Mobile Command Center has been opened by USPA Nationwide Security’s NYC Fire Watch Division in Manhattan.

In an announcement released on Wednesday, USPA Nationwide Security announced that their first mobile command center has been put into service for their NYC Fire Watch Guard Division. As a (FDNY) fire marshal approved fire guard service in New York City, USPA provides fire guards to businesses, apartment buildings, and construction sites.

Previously, USPA dispatched highly trained teams of New York fire guards to respond to emergency fire watch service calls from its Midtown, Manhattan office.

NYC businesses are provided with fire watch services by off-duty firefighters

With USPA’s highly responsive artificial intelligence fire watch training program, New York is protected by a combination of off-duty firefighters, professional security guards, and fire watch officers. The NYC Fire Watch Division of the USPA has been protecting businesses in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan since 2005.

From the mobile command center, the USPA can dispatch its security guards, from hot work fire guards, who watch over buildings while welding is underway, to emergency fire watch guards, who stand guard in the event of a fire suppression system malfunction.

Detailed information about USPA Nationwide Security

A strong franchise and local asset network complements USPA Nationwide Security’s highly trained and experienced security contractors. Therefore, USPA is able to reach a large segment of its potential market. For the company to remain competitive, it may be necessary to invest even more in cutting-edge technology. In addition to USPA, millions of dollars were allocated to research and development for the entire security industry. Research and development costs need to be reduced, as well as grants should be sought for energy-saving and green initiatives that will benefit other security companies. As a result, the company will be able to improve its profitability.

Another strength of the company is its commitment to the environment. By implementing sustainable initiatives, USPA Nationwide Security is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In addition, it replaced its gas-powered patrol cars with electric vehicles. The company invests in the latest technology and training as part of its efforts to improve security services. Furthermore, USPA Nationwide Security offers a full range of traditional security guard services as well as philanthropic initiatives.

In the security industry, USPA Nationwide Security occupies a leading position

One of the world’s largest security companies, USPA Nationwide Security, ranks fourth. USPA Nationwide Security is a subsidiary of a company with revenues exceeding $1 billion. USPA has franchise offices across six continents and 50 states in the United States.

USPA Nationwide Security’s market segments and service areas in NYC

Among the services offered are NYC armed security guards, fire watch services, bodyguards, drones, transportation security, travel security, and maritime security.

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