OneUpOneDown Teaching New Approach to Mentorship-Focused Networking for Women in Business and Technology

October 22 11:07 2022
Mentorship networking company, OneUpOneDown, seeks to make a mentoring program available to every woman in the world. In creating a global network of women in the business and technology industries, the pair seeks to help them find personal and professional growth with a three-month mentorship program.

Co-founded by Natalie Robinson and Dzhuliana Nikolova, OneUpOneDown is a mentorship-focused network for women offering one-on-one professional development. Using an innovative approach to creating connections, OneUpOneDown gives women in the business and technology industries the opportunity to match with mentors and mentees based on their specific learning and development needs. 

OneUpOneDown has retained its core mission of empowering women to achieve their full potential through transformational relationships with other women since day one. Although female participation is growing in traditionally male-dominated workplaces, senior management and decision making is still overwhelmingly male. 

“When you scratch the surface of most organizations, you’ll find that they’re based on male values and behaviors — for the most part without even realizing it,” the co-founders said. “The way they operate, work, communicate, and recognize value is tied to a male perspective.”

The power of connection

Despite the shift toward companies encouraging more female participation in leadership and traditionally male-dominated industries, there’s still plenty of work to do to support the women who step into these spaces. That support can be vital for them to operate and lead authentically. 

The team at OneUpOneDown believes they have developed a solution for enabling women to thrive, create impact, and add value to their work in a way authentic to them — female-focused near-peer mentorship. 

“There are certain challenges women face in the workplace that are best understood by connecting with other women,” OneUpOneDown representatives said. 

Near-peer mentorship for women in business

With the backing of like-minded mentors, women can confidently take their places in their chosen industries and grow within even the most challenging environment. Throughout the process, women will gain the validation necessary to understand the value of their perspectives and experiences. 

“Our mission is to create a more inclusive and collaborative world, and the pathway to getting there is by transforming the way we connect,” said CEO Natalie Robinson. “It is necessary to get more women into positions of influence, not by mimicking the behaviors of men, but by developing their own unique and authentic ways of engaging and leading within organizations.”

OneUpOneDown’s Mentor Matching Network Experience

Learn to create and maintain trusted relationships between women in the business and technology sectors. Register for free and join the mentorship-focused network. 

The idea of women-focused mentorship programs and mentor-matching platforms is not a new one, but OneUpOneDown provides a unique way to solve the common challenges that have prevented past platforms from achieving the desired scale and impact.

Three-month mentor-mentee pairings at OneUpOneDown are made using an AI-powered matching algorithm, which automates the significant task of creating and managing matches. Rather than having mentees self-select their mentors, the algorithm uses the detailed information provided for each woman and removes bias to propose the best partners in the network. 

“We’ve found the sweet spot where a mentor and mentee experience a high-value exchange within each session is three months. That is enough time to build a trusted relationship and work towards overcoming a challenge or achieving a specific goal, but not so long that the relationship drags out and becomes stagnant or too much of a commitment,” CTO Dzhuliana Nikolova said. “Of course, if mentor and mentee get on well, they can continue the relationship. Great matches often turn into lasting friendships. 


With a validated product and excellent user feedback, OneUpOneDown is raising capital to scale up operations and deliver on its mission — to give every woman in the world access to mentorship. The innovative tech company has already helped over 800 women around the globe to accelerate their professional goals. To learn more or to speak with the team, visit the website or reach out via email at [email protected] or social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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