The new book “The Personal Cybersecurity Manual” is a must-read resource for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 24 01:08 2022
“The Personal Cybersecurity Manual: How anyone can protect themselves from fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrimes” is a much-needed resource in today’s world of increasing cybercrime.

Cybercriminals can ruin your life. This book “The Personal Cybersecurity Manual: How anyone can protect themselves from fraud, identity theft, and other cybercrime” teaches you to stop them before they can. While the convenience of our lives being interconnected, cameras watching our doors and homes, and all our important information being available at all times might be nice, it’s also good for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are working to steal your money and identity and watch you through those same cameras you use to keep yourself safe. 

Protect yourself from ransomware, spyware, phishing, credit card fraud, identity theft, and more using the tips in this book.

Marlon Buchanan, author, and founder of, a site that provides solutions and insight into common home technology problems, wrote The Personal Cybersecurity Manual to help people proactively protect themselves against the increasing threats of cybercriminals. Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the holiday shopping season are the perfect times to inform everyone that The Personal Cybersecurity Manual is available in major bookstores worldwide.

You can learn more about the book at

Review service Reedsy Discovery described the book as “A simplified and highly reliable guide to security/safety in Cyberspace from an expert in the field.” 

Marlon holds a bachelor’s in computer science and engineering from MIT and a master’s degree in business administration and software engineering from Seattle University. He works as an IT Director but was previously a software engineer, business analyst, and college instructor.

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