Innovative healthcare solution set to revolutionize Medicare for cancer detection

September 16 22:40 2019

A revolutionary free genetic DNA test is set to cause a somewhat disruption in the healthcare sector with the product designed to ensure the prevention of cancer from fully developing and saving many lives across the globe. The product is particularly unique as it also avails Licensed Insurance Professionals a fantastic opportunity to add as much as $5,000 to their existing WEEKLY residuals by saving lives. Each producer of a swab test, in this case, the insurance professional or any other provider of Medicare/Senior Products gets $300 for doing a simple 3-minute cheek swab test and sending it in the pre-addressed envelope.

The popular saying that prevention is better than cure is even more relevant when talking about cancer due to difficulty in treating or even managing the ailment. Consequently, health experts have strongly advocated early detection, which can be particularly effective with regular screening. One solution is however taking cancer screening to a whole new level with genetic cancer screening, allowing medical experts and patients to take prevention measures and better-targeted treatments to ensure victory against the common enemy – Cancer.

Research has revealed that genetic Testing for 65+ older can help detect and prevent illness for the patients and their loved ones. However, genetic screenings can be sometimes difficult to access due to the relatively high cost of such tests. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to detect the chances of people developing diseases and preventing them. This probably explains the increasing spread of different diseases, especially cancer, which further underlines the importance of this new product. 

The product can be used in several ways, including getting new appointments for other products, be given away to get appointments/to get in the door, or as a reason to go back and rework previous clients. The uniqueness of the product stems from not only providing an amazing money making opportunity for producers of the swab but actually saving as many lives as possible without requiring patients to break the bank.

The product saves patients the thousands of dollars required to do a genetic cancer screening, with the makers of the product partnering with a CMS approved clinic to provide it completely free of charge to Medicare recipients.

More information about the FREE GENETIC DNA CANCER TEST and how to be a part of the lifesaving movement can be found here –

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