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September 30 17:36 2019

As a parent, you want to take the very best care for your newborn. We believe that all babies deserve not only the best in comfort but need to wear the healthiest garments possible. CCBabe is thus committed to providing the entire range in garments that are safe, healthy and all natural. We are committed to providing safe and all natural garments for your babies, so that you are rest assured that your baby is safe and healthy.

Why choose us?

At CCBabe, we use the most advanced natural fibres that are ecological, renewable and sustainable. We have reposed our trust in merino, nature’s wonder fibre because of the way it looks and feels. We have made this conscious choice for our mother Nature, because climate change in real and we want to do out bit to preserve Nature’s goodness through our products.

When you are on the hunt for baby clothes it is likely that you are looking for cheap kids clothes online, because babies outgrow their clothes soon. While it is indeed logical to do that you should also keep in mind that baby skin is hyper sensitive and inferior quality of clothes can harm your baby’s skin.

How to choose clothes for your  little one?

It is therefore good to keep a few things in mind, while selecting clothes for your little one. For instance, it is prudent to give priority to organic cotton material as it is soft and ideal for the sensitive skin of your child. Secondly, always give preference to front open clothes as the head of your child is very delicate and you want to keep as much as headspace as possible. Dressing up a new born or a toddler is no mean feat. Wide necked clothes thus make sense as it is becomes easy to wear and take it off over the baby’s head.

As for size, it is always a good strategy to shop for one size larger than the age of your child, because as you have rightly estimated, babies do grow at an astonishing rate! Further you do not want to buy a large amount of baby clothes for you probably will not get to put them all to good use without your baby outgrowing them. It is therefore a better idea to shop for quality clothes that are one size larger. The most important thing to keep in mind however is the safety of your child. Therefore it is best to avoid clothes with many snaps or zips are they are likely to scratch your baby’s sensitive skin.

Take care to see that there are no jagged edges or loose buttons that the baby may accidentally put in its mouth. Especially with sleepwear, you have to be doubly careful to ensure that it meets safety standards. Make sure that there are no designs on baby clothes that may cause any kind of harm to your kid.

Durability and safety

The next thing to bear in mind is the durability of the clothes. Pot for baby clothes that are 100% machine washable and do not require any ironing. As mentioned earlier, cotton clothes or any other natural fabric is best because it is low on maintenance and high on performance. When you buy a fancy pretty clothes from online labels, you may have to hand wash or dry clean these clothes. With all the effort that you already you have to take to look after yourself and your new-born, the last thing you want to do is spend extra time taking care of the pile of clothes of your baby, for you know from experience that your baby requires changing at least four to five times in a day!

However, we are not for a moment suggesting that because you are opting for low maintenance clothes, you need to compromise on style or colour. We know that apart from comfort and safety, you also want your little bundle of joy to look classy and trendy. Further, the choices you make need to be pocket friendly too. At CCBabe, you will therefore find unique patterns, vibrant colours that make your little tots look oh so adorable and party ready all at the same time. You can take your pick from our wide range of baby clothes on sale.

We know that as a novice parent, buying clothes for your new-born can be tad overwhelming given the sheer amount and expenses that go behind it. However, if you are an intelligent shopper, you can buy cheap kids clothes online. All you have to do is keep an eye on our off season sales and make the most of every offer. We periodically come out with attractive offers that can help you save a ton on your baby shopping. Then of course there are coupons. While the highbrowed may frown upon it, we recommend coupons strongly, if you want to save further on your CCBabe purchases. With all these tips in mind, shopping for clothes for your new-born will be a breeze.

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