Wari latest African company taking over digital finance

October 01 08:48 2019
Wari latest African company taking over digital finance

Wari. You’ve heard of us now!

An emerging global brand, Wari, launched in Senegal in 2010, has rapidly grown into one of the world’s leading financial and commercial network companies — accessible from virtually anywhere, and offering payments, domestic and international money transfers, airtime top-ups, marketplace services, bill payment, and more.

Wari facilitates the monetization of people’s money. Wari provides accounts, identity, transfers, commerce, talent empowerment, and a full range of C2C, B2C, B2B, C2B, C2G services — everywhere, within countries and across borders. Digitalizing cash economies, connecting the world’s markets.

With developed customer solutions based on its comprehensive set of APIs the Wari ecosystem is now leveraged by developers and partners, serving to build a multitude of local solutions.

Serving scores of millions of consumers, large and small merchants, businesses, and governments through thousands of services attached to a universal account, Wari services are available via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and USSD regardless of where users are located.

On the ground in 60 countries, with over 180 banking and financial partnerships, one million daily transactions, and 700 000 service points globally — that’s Wari.

Wari is now reinforcing its presence and network in Europe, and increasing its connections through cross-border transfers and FOREX switching. The company is diversifying partner-based and owned product offerings, expanding into even more countries, scaling its platform, and actively investing in information security, customer services, and the user experience.

Wari CEO Kabirou Mbodje

From the start, founder Kabirou Mbodje has been interested in dynamic multicultural environments and the understanding of people’s needs. «The way we share and the way we communicate, unites us,» he says. Born in Lyon, but returning to Dakar as a teenager, Mbodje went on to attain degrees in engineering and a masters in finance in the US. Quickly learning that the route to success in business required learning from the bumps along the way — a reflex that has kept him commited to high social impact — Mbodje has built one of the fastest growing African brands to go global.

A champion horseback rider, and captain of the Senegalese national team, Mbodje sees Wari as the manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit that is driving African development and growth. “Wari as a company and symbol encourages tenacity and perseverance. Everyone contributes to the development of his and her community, country, and continent by becoming active citizens. That’s Wari,” he states.

For more information, visit: www.wari.com

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