Mark Howship leads the Global Database to global dominance

November 28 17:06 2019
Popular business executive and leading shareholder at Global Database, Mark Howship, champions the industry dominance of Global Database, as the company becomes a top information services provider

Mark Howship’s experience and expertise in the business world cannot be over-emphasized, considering his amazing achievements over the years. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at a relatively young age, Mark Howship has been able to amass several decades of experience as a business person. He has also guided quite a number of businesses to attaining great heights in their respective industries, leveraging his experience and expertise.

There is a popular perception that entrepreneurship brings independence in terms of time and money. Unfortunately, this is not always true, particularly as entrepreneurs in a bid to grow their business often struggle with their personal life. Consequently, successful entrepreneurs and even startups tend to want to enjoy their wealth after years of rigorous efforts. One successful business executive that seems to have been able to go against all odds to become successful in the art of building businesses and also helping others grow is Mark Howship.

Mark Howship is known for being at the helm of affairs for a number of companies, with the very popular ones being Global Database and Winglows Holdings. Winglows Holdings aims to introduce quality yet affordable eco-friendly energy solutions for both private and commercial use. The company, led by Mark Howship, provides renewable energy solutions, innovative technologies, and consulting services to clients in different parts of the globe.

Thanks to passion and drive of Mark Howship and his team at Winglows Holdings, the company has grown to become a complete supplier of biogas plants in the energy recovery field from the treatment of wet organic waste, waste from agricultural and food industries, wastewater and process water.

Global Database on the other hand is an information solutions provider that aims to make company information more widely available and easier to use. The company, under the leadership of Mark Howship, has grown to become a market leader in business intelligence, providing company information through an online platform and integrated workflow solutions. Global Data provides a unified platform to cover everything that relates to data, serving clients looking for business leads, company financial information, credit risk or to get an insight about which technology a company.  Some of the company’s clients include Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, KPMG, Maserati, Dupont, Iveco, Caterpillar, Ipsos, Motorola Solutions, and Experian.

Mark Howship looks to continue in the pursuit of his goal of making a huge difference in the business world as he guide more companies to success.

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