Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Guide: Mission, Upgrade Players And MUT 20 Coins

December 02 11:00 2019
Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team Guide: Mission, Upgrade Players And MUT 20 Coins

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Madden NFL 19 ended the previous ten-year plan and was brought into Madden NFL 20 to a new decade. In August this year, Madden NFL 20 was officially launched on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and became one of the most popular football games of 2019, announcing to create a new personalized career campaign with new X-Factor, Superstar abilities and week-to-week challenges. Luckily, it becomes “the best it’s ever been” and was accepted well by players.

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The Ultimate Team in Madden NFL, there are always some NFL Superstars and legends to build the most powerful NFL line-up. Since EA Sports makes a series of changes to the Ultimate Team each year, it also changed the formula in Madden NFL 20 and complete half of the process. It is time to make a review and dive into some deeper updates of Ultimate Team. Knowing that you are looking for a better team all the time, here are the details of the complex but useful patterns you need to know.

In Ultimate Team, completing missions is the common way to get the best items and rewards, this is even more important for beginners. They need to complete a series of challenges to figure out the layout of Madden NFL 20.

And then learning how to complete sets to acquiring useful players and understanding MUT levels can be achieved through missions. As the level increase, players are provided with more missions to open up, and you will be directed to explore more areas. Missions are everywhere, you can’t complete them one by one, but this is one of the most effective tools to get valuable rewards, such as the MUT Coins and packs.

The core of Ultimate Team is the players, since it focuses on getting MUT Coins or cards throughout the game, you are free to upgrade the players, which needs to unlock the Scheme Chemistry slot to equip the Chemistry, which could be bought with Training. While some rare cards are even harder to get, which must be unlocked with numerous training.

For example, a Travis Kelce Power Up Card consists of three chemistry slots, two ability slots, and a Superstar X-Factor slot, which can be bought with not less than a thousand Training. In a word, if you are always empty-handed, this will be difficult. So you must complete countless challenges and missions to gather up Training.

MUT Coins are your daily needs in the Ultimate Teams, and you can get some as the following methods, auction, trading, head-to head seasons, EA Sports Gridiron Club and more. So for some cards you don’t need, you can use them in exchange for Training and then upgrade the players.

A Core Bronze Card for 3 Training

A Core Silver Card for 8 Training

A Core Gold for higher

Beyond the items and rewards, another criterion for evaluating your Ultimate Team is coin, which is the tradable currency used in Madden NFL 20. since the Ultimate Team is free to obtain, you must spend to upgrade it to prevent from falling behind others. By the way, even if the coins can be obtained by completing missions, never spend them in some ordinary places.

Last not in the least, you need to spend more time on missions to get better results for the Ultimate Team, and when reaching level 10+, it can raise more funds and rewards by participating in as many head-to-head modes as possible and make the team better.

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