Madden 20 Ultimate Team Guidance: NFL Cards, Star Players And MUT 20 Coins Farming

December 06 11:54 2019
Madden 20 Ultimate Team Guidance: NFL Cards, Star Players And MUT 20 Coins Farming

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In Early August, EA Sports officially released the latest installment of the long-running Madden NFL series, featured Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as the cover athlete. This version mainly introduced a new gameplay feature called Superstar X-Factor, Franchise mode centered the new X-Factors, and more, which looks very similar to Madden 19. No, these gameplay updates are larger than ones in the previous versions, especially in its most popular mode Madden Ultimate Team.

What’s Madden Ultimate Team? If you have ever played any version of Madden NFL series, you would not ask such a question. Well, this is a mode where you can build your own custom NFL roster through collecting star player cards.

How to obtain Madden NFL Cards?

As for the cards, these can be obtained through three ways, challenges, auction house, and packs.

The most basic way to get cards is to play the game continuously, and then you’ll have the first player, the second, the third… and more. This might waste you much time, but nothing is meaningful than a player like Michael Thomas or Byron Jones greeting you, right?

The next one is the auction house in Madden NFL 20, which allows players to trade cards with each other, and MUT Coins are the only chip. However, the price of cards is dynamic, that is, you can price any card based on how much the community values it, meanwhile this might also cause some restrictions: when better cards are produced, some cards are likely to be eliminated.

And then that’s is pack, which can be bought with MUT Coins or real money. It works like this: when a player buys a game pack with coins or real money, he can get a random card after opening it, but it is not certain that the card is what he needs. That being said, you spend money on cards, but the rate of getting really goods cards is very low, or even null.

The gathering of cards is for star players, but it is not recommended to buy a lot of worthless packs, and even this will consume most of your in-game economy.

There are countless star players, and it’s up to you about how to properly select players and form a personalized team with them. However, maybe I can tell you some of the players’ characteristics, such as who is suitable for the quarterback, who is more suitable for defense, and hopefully it can provide you with some effective advice.

How to select Ultimate Team players?

In order to crush opponents in MUT games you need to add some special players who can make extra yards in Ultimate Team, so you should find the player who is best suited for defense to control better the rhythm of the game, but conversely, a good attacking player can directly hit the opponent at any time, successfully crossing the opponent’s defense all the ways to the endzone.

And throughout Madden NFL 20, which ones should become the attacking players in your Ultimate Team?

Christian Okoye, who is an excellent FB with 93 OVR at RB, he can ignore all the players in front of him on the field.

NFL Stats: 88 lead block, 84 run blocking and 92 impact blocking.

Dante Hall rated 93 OVR, who once played nine seasons in NFL and was good at making people miss and break slip around contact. 94 return, 92 speed, 93 agility, 94 elusiveness, 94 ball carrier vision, 93 spin move.

NFL Stats: 94 juke move and 93 break tackle.

Saquon Barkley with 92 overall rating, who has incredible contact balance, strength and ability to bounce off contact on the field, 78 strength.

NFL Stats: 80 trucking, 82 stiff arm and 93 break tackle and 74 catching.

All the above players can be bought from the Auction House in Ultimate Team at different amounts of Madden 20 Coins.

Another separate topic related to Ultimate Team is MUT 20 Coins farming in Madden NFL 20.

Madden NFL 20 Coins are tradable currency in the game, which will net you sufficient rewards for upgrades and rare items. Considering the demands for MUT 20 Coins, some tricks provided in the farming guide are fairy effective in getting them.

From the above introduction of star players, it can be concluded that their OVR is the criterion for judging the overall quality of a player, and the total OVR of an Ultimate Team is also crucial, so you can grow it through these methods.

Completing challenges:

There is various new content to add in Madden 20, including a new star-based rewards system, and you can complete a series of challenges to get NFL 20 Coins as the basic principle that the higher-stars challenges you choose, the more coins you can get. That is, you can customize the difficulty level independently, but you are not recommended to complete the challenges less than 3 stars, they are so simple to complete that they could not bring much profit.

Auction House: 

It is a great place to make good profit, where you can sell unnecessary resources, such as cards with each other in exchange for coins, and you shouldn’t make more investments for it. But never sell the cards at too low prices, because this will destroy the value of the cards themselves.

Buy MUT 20 Coins: this is the best option to get sufficient rewards, you won’t waste too much time on it. More importantly, you can quickly get the star players in your Ultimate Team with enough Coins, and then defeat the opponents to get reputation in the games.

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