Recoverit Unveils New Video Repair Software with High-Performance Video Recovery Solutions

December 09 21:26 2019
Recoverit Unveils New Video Repair Software with High-Performance Video Recovery Solutions

Wondershare Technology has launched Recoverit Video Repair, a powerful software that allows users to repair all damaged, inaccessible, broken and corrupted videos. Check the best video repair software here on Recoverit official website.

Advanced Functionality for Your Easy Use:

Making videos for different reasons has become part of life, hence the need for repair when the created videos get damaged. Recoverit Video Repair is the ideal tool that will greatly benefit the vlogger, the photographer, the adventurer, the voyager, among other top video creators. This is because it supports the repairs of videos that have become inaccessible due to damage, breakage or corruption. The videos can be in all kinds of formats such as MKV, 3GP, FLV, AVI, M2TS, MP4, MTS, and M4V. Notably, videos with different formats can be repaired simultaneously.

The video creator who uses such popular cameras as DJI Drones, GoPro or even Dashcams, will find this tool useful. If you are faced with a crashed drone, an interrupted video recording, a powered-off DJI quadcopter like Mavic, Inspire, Spark or Phantom; an unreadable dashcam, it is time to employ the services of Recoverit Video Repair. The software supports repairs of broken video footage from these cameras, as well as from memory cards, laptops, video, and music players, hard drives, USB drives and so on. So, whether the video got damaged during the shooting process, editing, video conversion or processing, or during transfer, Recoverit Video Repair is available to fix the problems.

The quality of the video to be repaired is not an issue when it comes to this capable tool as it can repair Full HD, Standard Definition, and also 4K resolution Video files. This goes to show that the software is not limited by quality; it only ensures that quality is not lost during the repair and restoration of corrupted videos. To shed more light, Recoverit Video Repair provides a display of the repaired videos for you to preview before saving to the desired location. Here, you will have the opportunity to see the contents of your repaired videos and be sure everything is intact before deciding to save the files.

It is important to note that there are no limits to the sizes of video files that can be repaired with Recoverit Video Repair. In addition, you can repair as many corrupt video files as possible with the software. It is a limitless software indeed! It is a versatile tool because it is compatible with different operating systems such as Mac and Windows (64-bit), which are the major versions of OS available.

Why did Recoverit develop this product?

The issue of video corruption has become a bane that needs to be addressed and more importantly, by an effective tool. Recoverit Video Repair is a professional tool that has been developed to take care of this issue of corrupt videos, especially from data recovery. When video files get recovered using a data recovery tool, they can get corrupt in the process. This problem has become more common by the day, hence the need for software that can handle such a recurring issue.

Wondershare Recoverit cares about the repair needs of customers, which is why Video Repair has been provided. Priority is placed on the concerns and opinions of the users of Recoverit products, hence, when their files get corrupted after the recovery process, a solution is provided. Now customers can repair their corrupted videos and recover them without the problems of video data or graphics getting lost.

What users are saying:

The proof of how good the product is; the reviews by its customers.

“I fixed family albums over 15 years old!”

I couldn’t believe it, but I was able to easily fix all the family videos I recorded nearly two decades ago! Recoverit Video Repair did wonders for me. There were several gigabytes worth of videos in those family albums that all got corrupted, but now, all of them are back and playing perfectly as if nothing had happened to them. This software is excellent!”
– Jatin

“I’m surprised, but pleased.”

Honestly, I’m as surprised as I am pleased. After trying numerous video repair software, I came across Recoverit Video Repair. I was skeptical at first, and even more reluctant to pay for the full-year license. But I have no regrets now. The software gives me the peace of mind that if ever my videos get corrupted for one reason or another, I can always fix them. Recoverit Video Repair does exactly what it said it could do!”
– Md Jacques

“My niece lost her lovely pet.”

I felt bad for my niece when she lost her pet; I felt even worse when she realized the videos she had of her and the pet were damaged. Initially, I assumed the videos could not be fixed, but Recoverit Video Repair proved me wrong. The files were recorded in AVI format but the that didn’t matter because, as advertised, Recoverit Video Repair is capable of fixing videos in a host of formats. That’s so true! Thank you, Wondershare, for developing such an amazing tool!”
– Ann Babaygurl

Notable Features of Recoverit Video Repair

Recoverit Video Repair is notable for features such as the ability to fix videos from all kinds of cameras that are popularly used by video creators; its support for repairs of videos of varying standards, as well as the opportunity for users to preview their repaired videos on its simple and intuitive user interface before saving in a location. It guarantees a hundred percent virus-free repair process in three steps and in a few minutes, so you do not have to worry about data loss or even more corruption of data.”

Furthermore, Recoverit Video Repair repairs videos that are frozen, blurry, and grainy. It also supports the repairs of videos from such scenarios like errors in video file system or video file header; transfer errors, compression errors, corruption from unreliable third-party media players, errors in file read and write, corruption from a change in video format and so on.

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