Expert Business Coach Kennedy Cee Shares 3 Powerful Strategies for Attracting the Right Clients

December 10 20:34 2019
Expert Business Coach Kennedy Cee Shares 3 Powerful Strategies for Attracting the Right Clients

Kennedy Cee and ClientsValley client-attraction strategies.
Running a business is hard already, client attraction shouldn’t add to the stress of running a business. In this short write-up, you will learn the methodology Kennedy Cee has used to effectively attract the best clients and scale up ClientsValley, a business coaching company.

A lot of businesses spend time serving clients they don’t enjoy working with. This puts them in a place of deep struggle. Master business coach Kennedy Cee believes that this should be the exception and not the norm. “As a service professional, you should know that not all clients are meant for you”, explains Kennedy Cee, founder of ClientsValley.

He says, “The worst thing that can happen to any business is to sign up clients they can’t really get 100% results for. The kind of clients that would only stress them. Clients they don’t enjoy working with. Clients who don’t commit to doing the work – who don’t show up decisive and coachable.”

So, for Kennedy Cee, it’s not about having any kind of client. It’s about having the perfect kind of clients.

Since 2013, Kennedy Cee and his team at ClientsValley have been helping service professionals enroll the right kind of clients, any time they want, and at any price. He believes that the process of getting clients into any business is really not as complicated as most marketing gurus make it appear.

Kennedy Cee explains that there are three important things that make attracting perfect clients easy:

  • Having an Effective System: Clients don’t just walk into your business, something brings them in. If you don’t have an effective system that predictably draws the right kind of clients into your business, you’ll only be wasting your time.
  • Offering Transformation and not Information: If you must attract the right kind of clients to your business, you must offer them a transformation. You have to help them solve a specific problem. You need to give them value and support that is equal or greater than the investment they make in your program or service – not just bombarding them with information.
  • Having the Right Mindset: This is a can’t-do-without if you are going to enroll the right kind of clients. A lot of service professionals allow fear and overwhelm to hinder their business success. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’d lack the confidence to attract premium clients. Even with an effective marketing system in place, you’d struggle to close clients.

This is part of what Kennedy teaches service professionals to implement in their business. He also shares a super simple 3-step process that allows them to attract premium clients in as little time as 72 hours.

About Kennedy Cee

Kennedy Cee is the founder and CEO of ClientsValley, a fast-growing business coaching and marketing consulting outfit in Laguna Beach, California. With great support from his world-class team, he’s helped service professionals scale their businesses to 6 and 7-figures. He does this by showing them a simple strategy that gets them the right clients at the right price anytime they want.

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