The Ulevate VivaFacial Treatment Coming to San Diego

January 13 18:52 2020

January 13, 2020 – A new and holistic skin-transforming technology has been developed and it is coming to San Diego.

A unique and skin-changing treatment, Ulevate VivaFacial is a holistic system based on proven scientific facts and real product testing results. Ulevate is a new and upcoming skin rejuvenation procedure. A lot of people are already using this as an alternative to traditional skin treatment procedures because it provides immediate effects and will accelerate naturally throughout the treatment sessions.

Benefits are visually noticed: improvement of skin color and turgor, and decrease of fine lines and wrinkles through epidermal restructuring,” said Dr. U. Silina who is also a licensed dermatologist.

There is no downtime and this is a non-invasive treatment without the need for using injections. The highly natural Ulevate serums are gently pumped into the skin from the outside using unique Ulevate VivaFacial handpieces. It delivers 97% pure oxygen infused with antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides to the deep skin layers. This procedure helps promote and enhance collagen production while facilitating plump up facial features and restoring volume and firmness to the skin that has lost elasticity, especially among older women.

Ulevate VivaFacial is particularly beneficial for those with severe acne and recurrent breakouts. The serum helps reduce and eradicate bacteria formation while improving skin tone and reducing inflammations. And because of acne’s recurrent characteristics, it is what drives most people to look for and adapt homeopathic remedy for curing acne problems.

A Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. M. Slutska said that a highly concentrated oxygen facial therapy increases skin immunity. Oxygen flow also stimulates skin cell metabolism and skin barrier function. With its unique formulation and serum deliver system, Ulevate VivaFacial speeds up cell turnover. Concentrated peptide serum has the revitalizing features of pure oxygen that help the skin generate new and healthier skin cells at a faster pace. This enhanced cell regeneration improves the healing of scars and acne and it even brightens skin tones.

Oxygen facial is especially indicated for citizens of megapolis. Oxygen facial sessions are prescribed by practitioners according to the specific skin concerns, said Dr. V. Masakova, also a dermatologist.

Now that this skin treatment procedure has become available in California particularly in San Diego, Ulevate is planning to launch 10 more locations in South California and all treatment will be performed in the clinic and medical spas.

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