Right Cat English Program Offered with AI Intelligence and Native American Teacher – Join Now to Sharpen English

February 13 18:54 2020

13th February, 2020 – Rocket Cat Learning is a US based website where reaching, curriculum and Artificial Intelligence are focused. The co-founder of this project is a data scientist who has formerly worked at ACT and prior to joining ACT was a professor at the University of Iowa. Other co-founder of this venture is a graduate of Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education and the third co-founder is a successful Chinese entrepreneur. Rocket Cat Learning has found the perfect solution of efficient learning of education and technology. With this platform, you will find no competition at all between education and technology since these two have been woven together to generate the services and products for the learners which were not possible before.

The company is on a mission to help the people get the high-quality education which should be accessible to all. Based on the problems, the company so far has found with the majority of the educational services and products which have failed them in the past, it now makes four promises to endow the learners with a better learning experience – they are:

  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

The Rocket Cat English program has been delivering quality education to the learners and has developed into a big success. It should be chosen because it has:

  • Knowledge Map of Second Language (all you need)
  • Big Data Analysis System (since it understands learners’ pain points)
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Engine (its pushes what a leaner needs)
  • Smart Adaptation Course Study (accurate learning dynamic adjustment)
  • Personalized Learning Plan (you may customize your learning plan or content)
  • Assessment of Intelligent Adaptation Level (you may measure or check your true level)
  • Specific Weakness (you may overcome your particular weaknesses)
  • Foreign Teacher Targeted Reviews (with this, you could solve all problems you may witness)
  • Personalized Service Throughout (you will get comprehensive caring services all the time)

Above all, the leaner before enrolling into the program may also have the opportunity to go for a free test available on the website, just click on Free Test button and you will be taken into the test. The platform is designated to provide the leaners with intelligent level assessment learning.  It is a dual drive – it means you learning will be based on AI Intelligent plus a real foreign teacher. North American foreign teachers are there to teach you English fluently and grammatically. There are international certifications also available like ESL, TEFL and TESOL. Strict selection and assessment procedure bring up real talents. Book an appointment to discuss it further with the management.

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