RIVERMOUNT, a blockchain-based financial infrastructure platform is all set to revolutionize the existing financial industry

February 13 19:00 2020
‘Rivermount’, the Global Finance & Investment Blockchain Project Team, opened the project on February 3rd.

RiverMount is a team of B2B consortium projects gathered to overcoming the problems of the centralized Financial Investment Industry and create a platform for free, sustainable financial investment anywhere in the world. Based on smart contracts, we aim for a decentralized financial market that does not require banks or institutions.

Along with project releases, Rivermount mentioned currently experiencing problems with blockchain, including △ slow transaction per second (TPS) and lack of scalability. Also mentioned the problems in the financial market including △ high exchange rates between countries, △ differences in monetary policy by country, △ high tax rate for profits from trading, and vulnerable hacking attacks due to centralized server operation.

Rivermount is a decentralized financial infrastructure project that builds a new digital financial ecosystem to collaborate/exchange the value of digital financial institutions or foundations, through SPOS algorithm of SUCON, the blockchain expertise partner.

This project is planned to come out to the world in three phases,

Phase 1: RM GLOBAL Financial Investment Application ‘RM Funds’

Phase 2: DEX Exchange Application based on RM STABLE ‘RM DEX’

Phase 3: RM Mainnet Platform ‘RM Mainnet’

It works with Ethereum Mainnet prior to Mainnet launch to enable fast transaction and reasonable rewards to users.

An official from RiverMount emphasized, “Rivermount is a consortium project that is conducted in collaboration with an excellent blockchain technical team and marketing experts centered on executives who have experience in operating a real financial investment company.”

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